growing an online business?


Whether you are a coach, a holistic practitioner or solopreneur,


it’s critical to get legally covered.


Because by:







you can…


& lawsuits





so how do you get legally covered?

(Especially without getting confused or breaking the bank?)

learn exactly what legal steps you need
in 3 (FREE!) 30-minute mini-classes:

mini-class 1:

(heart chakra)


what do I
need for my
website and
sales funnel?

was held on
March 26, 2024

mini-class 2:

(sacral chakra)


what do I
need for
with clients?

was held on
March 27, 2024

mini-class 3:

(throat chakra)


what do I
need to get
paid and
not sued?

was held on
March 28, 2024

You’ll walk away knowing where in your biz you have legal gaps…
and how to plug them (practically and energetically!)

You’ll learn what steps you need to take
so you can stop saying “I don’t know what I don’t know.”

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I’m Lisa Fraley, JD, an Attorney, Legal Coach®, Speaker and #1 Best-Selling Author of Easy Legal Steps…That Are Also Good for Your Soul. I’m the host of the “Legally Enlightened” podcast on iTunes.

As a Holistic Lawyer®, I blend my legal expertise as a former health care attorney in a large corporate law firm and the care of a Health Coach through IIN & Life Coach through Coach U to help thousands of heart-centered holistic health practitioners, licensed practitioners, coaches, and entrepreneurs protect their businesses and brands with contracts, disclaimers, trademarks and more.

I share my “Legal Love” through DIY legal templates, online courses, 1:1 services and on stages from British Columbia to the Bellagio – and I’m uniquely known for aligning legal steps with the chakras. My mission is to help small business owners and practitioners understand that the law can be accessible, empowering, loving, and even spiritual. I graduated from Case Western Reserve School of Law with a concentration in health law and I hold a Certificate in Sustainable Business Strategy from Harvard Business School Online.