Most people think about the law and love as being two entirely different things. And sometimes you feel like you need to choose between them.

Law feels cold, and heavy, and scary.

And love, of course, feels inviting, and warm, and soft.

Fortunately for me, I grew up in a family where I didn’t really have to choose between two things that were important to me like that: law or love.

My parents recognized the value of the “and”. And when I was in high school, actually, part of me was this geeky, smarty-pants student, who was in honors classes and graduated in the top 10% of my class.

But the other part of me was this blonde cheerleader, outgoing, fun, bubbly gal. And I felt like the world was always trying to make me choose between the two. Because my parents didn’t make me choose, I got to be both.

Now, since I’m a Gemini, it all makes perfect sense to me. There’s always been two parts to me.

That’s why in my business I bring both parts of me together:

The caring coach. The part of me that wants to hold the vision and support you in your work


The “Mama Lion” lawyer. The part of me that wants you to feel safe, secure, confident and empowered through the use of legal documents and tools (that are written in plain English and are easy to understand and use).

By bringing both sides of me together just like I did in high school, I could be a lawyer who wants you to be safe and a coach who really cares about you. It didn’t have to be an OR – it could be an AND.

I’m so much about the AND that I talk all the time about how the law protects you in 2 important ways:

  1. In PRACTICAL ways to give you legal language to reduce your risk to protect you, your income and your brand so if you find yourself in a Legal Pickle, you have legal documents to fall back on.
  2. 2. In ENERGETIC ways to create strong boundaries and containers to hold and support your work which helps you attract to you the exact clients and people you want to work with – those who value clarity and boundaries too.

That’s why I’m so freakin’ excited to give you a new & improved way to gain solid legal protection AND energetic business support.

(Because we all need LOTS of support around law and energy – it’s always an “AND”).


get legally covered so you can go bare now™

Join me for this DIY self-paced course
with 2 live legal Q&A calls
to support you along the way.

Enroll here through August 7, 2022

The course gives you the legal templates you need to reduce your risk, create strong contracts, protect your website and course content, get clear about your biz structure… and even more.

AND each template is aligned with the chakras so you’re supported around gaining Clarity, Boundaries, Confidence, Courage, Communication, Intuition and Leadership for your biz.

Take a look at what’s included in each module:

Module 1
Legal Step: DIY Website Disclaimer template – to clearly say you’re not a medical practitioner (and more!)
Business Principle: Clarity
Aligned Chakra: Root Chakra

Module 2
Legal Step: DIY Client Agreement template – for your 1-on-1 clients to sign
Business Principle: Boundaries
Aligned Chakra: Sacral Chakra

Module 3
Legal Step: “What do I need to know to register my biz and pay taxes?” Checklist – to prepare you on the financial front
Business Principle: Confidence
Aligned Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra

Module 4
Legal Step: DIY Website Terms & Conditions + DIY Privacy Policy templates – for your website
Business Principle: Courage
Aligned Chakra: Heart Chakra

Module 5
Legal Step: DIY Terms of Use for Online Programs & Products template – for your online group programs & self-study courses
Business Principle: Communication
Aligned Chakra: Throat Chakra

Module 6
Legal Step: “Am I ready for an LLC or S-Corp – and which one is right for me?” checklist – to help you know which business entity you need
Business Principle: Intuition
Aligned Chakra: Third Eye Chakra

Module 7
Legal Step: “How do I know what’s Trademark-worthy?” checklist – to know if your brand is ready to be trademarked
Business Principle: Leadership
Aligned Chakra: Crown Chakra

PLUS, until August 7 I’m offering EXTRA bonuses. Why? Because…

I want to offer LIVE support so you can ask your questions.
I want to gift you with 2 extra legal templates.
I want you to be supported personally on the energetic side.

Here are the bonuses you receive:

  • 2 live Legal Q&A Calls to ask me questions about the legal templates –
    August 15th and 24th (both calls will be recorded if you can’t attend live)
  • 2 extra DIY Legal Templates –
    DIY Mini-Disclaimer
    DIY Client Agreement for Small Groups & Masterminds
  • PLUS a 30-minute energy healing session –
    A private healing session with me to clear your chakras and remove blocks around legal stuff.

Ready to get your legal documents in place AND get energetic business support?

Enroll now.

And give your biz the gift of solid legal protection to reduce your risk AND energetic support to expand your business!

Do you have questions about the go bare now™ and wondering if it’s right for you and your business? Join me for a free LIVE Legal Q&A call on Tuesday, August 2 at 2 pm ET. No need to sign up in advance – just show up on Zoom right here.