New legal fast-track for functional practitioners & health coaches

by | Oct 16, 2023 | Protect Your Practice Package

Whew! It’s been a busy Fall!

I was thrilled to speak at 3 live events and 1 virtual event in the past few months:

✅ World Conference on Food Science & Technology in Rome, Italy
✅ Mindshare Summit in Scottsdale, AZ hosted by JJ Virgin
✅ International Association of Orofacial Myology Convention in Chandler, AZ
✅ The Virtual Wellness Business Summit hosted by Lori Kennedy

The Mindshare Summit was a huge event for my team and me:

1. The speech – I spoke about “Crossing state lines: 3 legal pitfalls to avoid as a health coach or medical practitioner.”



2. The booth – We held free 10-minute in-person Mini-Legal Chats to give people clarity on their next legal step.



3. The friends and clients – I loved seeing soooo many friends and clients who I have known since 2015 when I first attended this event and who I have met along the way…



4. The founder – and it was so fun to chat with JJ Virgin, the Founder of The Mindshare Summit!



At the Mindshare Summit we also rolled out a NEW & IMPROVED package of Legal Love™ that I am so excited to share with you! 🎉

The Protect Your Practice Package



I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked, “Don’t you just have something where I can get all of the answers I need in one place for a virtual practice?”

I’m FINALLY offering a single-solution legal fast-track for:

  • Licensed Medical Practitioners
  • Functional Medicine Practitioners
  • Health Coaches

Why am I offering this package?

Over the past 11 years (and especially since the pandemic), my team and I have talked with HUNDREDS of practitioners and coaches. They all wanted to take their practice online. But they needed answers to these questions:

  • How can I work with clients without “practicing medicine”?
  • What shouldn’t I say or do to stay safe?
  • How can I offer online health coaching without getting into trouble?
  • What kind of title should I use?
  • How should I organize my business structure?
  • How can I safely offer online courses?
  • What type of insurance do I need?
  • When do I have to follow HIPAA?
  • How can I include lab tests & supplements?
  • And so much more.

You probably have many of these questions too.

This new fast-track has all of the answers here.

(So many answers, in fact, that it took me over 100 hours of research just to prepare this content for you!)

This package was phenomenally successful at Mindshare, and I know you’ll benefit from it too. 

What’s new about it? 

I previously had a course for licensed practitioners only.

Now I am excited to be able to give clarity for licensed practitioners, functional medicine practitioners AND health coaches all in one place. 

What’s in it? 

  • A Live Group Workshop on November 1 (don’t worry – the ½ day workshop will be recorded)
  • 2 Private 1-Hour Power Hours with Lisa – to ask specific questions
  • 4 DIY Legal Templates (your choice!!) – to give you the legal docs you need
  • 8 DIY Legal Master Classes – to help you understand trademarks, LLCs, avoiding medical claims, AI, and more
  • “Build Your Online Practice” workbook – to build out how you’ll expand your reach in a legally safe way

The impact?

Protect your practice. Grow your business. Gain peace of mind. . Understand what you need to know about lab tests, supplements and functional medicine from a legal standpoint to stay safe. All at the same time.


Learn more and enroll here.

If you’re looking to expand your business safely, you owe it to yourself and your business to stop holding back from legal unease, and get the legal clarity you need.

This package will help you get there quickly.

Not sure if this Protect Your Practice Package is for you? Book a free 20-Minute Legal Chat to get your questions answered.