NEW Legal Love™ Mini Course for Social Media & Website Disclaimers

by | Jan 18, 2021 | Website Disclaimer

There’s so much going on with social media in the news these days.

When you create a website or post on social media, it can feel scary wondering if people will come after you for what you write.

I remember working with my client Lucy a few months ago (not her real name, of course, for privacy reasons).

Lucy is a health coach. She created a new website but was afraid to share it because she didn’t want someone to hurt themselves because of what they read on her site.

She wanted to post Whole30 smoothie recipes, but she didn’t know what she needed on the legal front.

She knew she needed to tell people with nut allergies to avoid her favorite ‘almond butter and cacao smoothie’ recipe – but she didn’t know how to say that in legal terms.

When I told Lucy about my DIY Legal Templates, she got excited, but said she was nervous to complete them on her own.

I told Lucy that I get it – she’s not alone and that I’ve heard other coaches say that from time to time…

Which is why I’ve created a brand new way to complete DIY Legal Templates. (I wish this option had been available when Lucy needed it…)

Introducing the Legal Love™ Mini Course for Social Media & Website Disclaimers!



This Mini Course is for coaches, entrepreneurs & practitioners to get the right disclaimer language for your social media and website.

It’s short and sweet –  just 2 weeks! 

February 1 – 10, 2021.

It’s designed to hold space for you to complete your Website Disclaimer and Mini-Disclaimer for social media in 2 live 90-minute workshops.

You can ask questions and fill out your DIY Legal Templates IN REAL TIME.

You’ll walk away feeling more safe, secure, and confident as an online biz owner.

Sign me up!

Here’s what’s included:

➔  a DIY Website Disclaimer for your website and a DIY Mini-Disclaimer for social media.

➔  2 LIVE done-with-you workshops for loving support from a heart-centered lawyer (me!) so you can ask questions and fill out your docs in REAL TIME.

➔  easy-to-understand legal language telling website visitors and others that you’re not giving medical advice or therapy.

➔  carved out time in your calendar to complete the ‘legal stuff’…finally!

➔  plus a legal checklist, intellectual property resource vault & signed “Easy Legal Steps” book

➔  and groundedness through the root chakra and a sigh of relief that you GOT ‘EM DONE! Yay!


Need to get your disclaimers ready to go for your social media and website so you don’t feel unprotected anymore?

Start the year off with disclaimer language for your website and social media.

Join the Mini Course here. 

I can’t wait to support you in this new & loving way!

This Mini Course starts 2 weeks from today! Sign up for the Mini Course now and know that you are giving your biz lots of Legal Love™ in 2021.