No time to get your legal documents? Here’s an easy (high vibe) way!

by | Oct 3, 2019 | Blog, High Vibe Legal Course

When I started creating my online courses and DIY Legal Templates for coaches, healers and holistic practitioners 7 years ago, people went wild!

They were shocked that I offered legal templates specifically designed for online entrepreneurs.

Written in plain English? Yep! 

Done less than an hour? Yep again! 

For less than traditional lawyers? Absolutely!

Today I have helped HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of clients get legally covered with easy-to-use DIY Legal Templates which makes me so happy!!!

But one thing I have also heard, is “Lisa, I loved your course, but I didn’t set aside enough time in my calendar to actually complete all of the DIY templates.” 

I know how tough it can be to find time…Between finding clients, seeing clients, writing e-newsletters, going to conferences, and so much more, it can be hard to carve out time to do the “legal stuff” for your biz.

That’s why I say “Never fear! A new kind of legal course is here!” 

One of the things I am MOST excited to offer in the High Vibe Legal Course is Weekly 90-minute High Vibe Workshops via Zoom.

These “done-with-you” workshops are designed to help you carve out time in your busy calendar and hold space for you to personalize your DIY templates during the workshops so you can get them done…with me by your side (well, through the computer).

When we gather by Zoom, we’ll talk about what each template is, how it protects you, and where to fill in the blanks in the template personalize it for your business. I’ll be right there to answer any questions about the templates as you go along, and provide support as you complete your own legal documents during the Workshops. 

Imagine it’s 3 months from now and you have your legal documents in place.

You’re finally feeling UNSTUCK…

You’re creating a NEW OFFER…


You have greater RESPECT…

You feel SAFE to be more visible…

You have FEWER HEADACHES with clients…

You create CLARITY from the get-go…


Taking the High Vibe Legal Course can help you feel ALL of that. 

I firmly believe that whether you’re brand new, 2-3 years in, or very experienced… the High Vibe Legal Course will catapult you from feeling stuck and scared to confident and empowered FASTER and in a way that is SOULFULLY aligned.

Learn more and enroll in the High Vibe Legal Course today (but hurry! Doors close this Friday at 11:59 pm PT)

And here’s how Robin, Rachna, and Kari felt after putting their legal docs in place:

Robin Arutt Testimonial.png

Rachna Patel Testimonial.png

Kari Samuels Testimonial.png


Ready to cover your buns and feel high vibe? 

Learn more and enroll in the High Vibe Legal Course here.

Don’t wait… the doors close TOMORROW, Friday, October 4th at 11:59pm PT!