Not sure if you need insurance? Stop the “Insurance Inertia” today!

by | Sep 19, 2022 | DIY Legal Master Classes, Insurance

Wondering if you really need insurance? Is it even necessary for what you do? Playing small because you don’t have insurance – and don’t feel safe to move forward?

If you’re scratching your head because you’re confused about insurance, we just created a new resource which helps you understand the 10 most common questions I get around insurance, like:

  • What kind of insurance do I need?
  • How much coverage should I get? $1 million? $3 million? More?
  • How much should I spend on a policy?
  • When should I get it? When I’m just starting out or more established?
  • What kinds of policies should I have?
  • Do I really need to spend money on policies like “cyber insurance”?

If you want a quick but thorough overview to point you in the right direction so you know what kind of insurance to get (and how much to spend so you don’t get hosed!) then…

You’ll love the new DIY Legal Master Class called “Insurance Basics.”



Who is this Master Class for?

It’s for any coach, entrepreneur, practitioner or solo business owner who is wondering how to minimize their risk and protect themselves BEFORE something goes wrong so you can understand Insurance basics quickly – and in plain English.

What’s the format?

This DIY Legal Master Class is designed for you to listen to anywhere, anytime. It’s full of info but less than an hour. There’s also a Tip Sheet that goes along with it so you can keep it as a resource after listening.

Where do you get it?

Learn more and get the DIY Master Class on Insurance Basics right here (for just $97).

Don’t let your insurance confusion hold you back because you don’t feel safe to move forward.

Stop the “Insurance Inertia” today!!

(Like that little phrase? “Insurance Inertia” I just made that up right now…but it’s spot on, right?)

Understanding insurance can help you get clear and be safer.

Questions about the new Legal Master Class or insurance in general? Feel free to reach out. We’re always happy to help.