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by | Apr 11, 2017 | Easy Legal Steps Bestselling Book

It’s here! It’s here! My new book is finally here! I am so excited to share it with you!

I’m proud to announce the arrival of…

Easy Legal Steps… That are Also Good for Your Soul.

It’s a legal guide for entrepreneurs and small business owners to help you go from stuck and scared of the law to confident and empowered.

(Can you believe it’s already a #1 Amazon Best Seller in THREE categories based on the Kindle pre-release alone – including Corporate Law!)

“Bringing love and spirituality into THE LAW is a huge feat that requires courage and wisdom.
Thank you, Lisa Fraley.”
– Dr. Christiane Northrup, Leading Women’s Health Expert &NYT Best Seller of Women’s Bodies,
Women’s Wisdom, The Wisdom of Menopause and Goddesses Never Age.

“There’s a ton of work, love, ethics in this book, as well as a mountain of free legal advice. You can tell she put her whole heart and soul into it. Well done.”
– Cathy Sykora, CEO of The Health Coach Group

If you’ve been afraid of the legal stuff…

If you’ve been avoiding the legal parts of your business…
If you think the law is overwhelming or confusing…
If you have no idea how to get legally covered…

I wrote this book just for you.

Easy Legal Steps gives you 7 legal steps aligned with the 7 chakras that help you protect yourself, your biz and your brand. I wrote it to put everything that I teach and share as a guest expert on stage and podcasts all in ONE place…and for less than $15.

This book is more than just a book about law (that would be boring!) It’s an entire legal and business guide all in one place.

“Just like our health, too often we wait to deal with legal matters until it’s too late. Let Lisa Fraley
and her eye-opening, approachable book Easy Legal Steps be your ounce of prevention
that will be worth several hundred pounds of cure! This book makes the law fun
and understandable and is perfect for any soulful entrepreneur who wants to
prevent legal pickles down the line!”
 – Kate Northrup, bestselling author of Money: A Love Story

Easy Legal Steps is the game-changer heart-centered business owners have been waiting for.”
– Mike Iamele, Author of Enough Already: Create Success on Your Own Terms

“Exactly what you need to feel legally secure and high vibe in business.”
– Melissa Pharr, Business & Wealth Creation Coach

“The only legal guide you need to change the world with confidence!
 –   Licia Morelli, Writer, Author, Inkslinger

This book is about more than just the law – MUCH more.

Each chapter of the book is organized into 3 parts: A legal step, a chakra, and a soul-centered business principle. You hone in on ONE legal step, ONE chakra and ONE business principle in each chapter to make it super-easy to understand.

  • If you need to legally cover your buns like with a Client Agreement or a Privacy Policy, you can flip to a chapter, read about a legal step and instantly know what to do.
  • If you’re drawn to how the law protects you energetically, you can and learn how a specific legal step supports a chakra (plus you get a “chakra mantra” in each chapter for extra support.)
  • If you’re holding back, you can hone in on a soul-centered principle like ways to get Clarity *when you’re feeling in the muck), how to tap into your Courage (when you’re feeling afraid), or how to tune into your Intuition (to find out what you REALLY want).

You also see examples from real clients and hear my own struggles and worries (yep!).

You benefit from legal steps, business best practices, and spiritual concepts that speak to you, as a heart-centered entrepreneur, in your own language.

The book turns legalese into legal ease so that you can stop worrying about losing your business and get back to changing the world.


“This book will help you build a strong business and sense of confidence in bringing your work to the world all at the same time!”
– Heather Alice Shea, Intuitive Development Coach &
Business Mentor for Soulful Seekers Healers and Coaches

“Lisa’s a whip-smart lawyer, intuitive coach,and earth angel all rolled into one.”
– Kari Samuels, Intuitive Counselor & Happiness Coach

The legal steps outlined in this book take the mystery out of protecting my business in a way that feels both easy and spiritually aligned with my work.”
– Laura Thompson Brady Ph.D. and Founder of The Nourished Home


Order Easy Legal Steps today to access some amazing bonuses!

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“Simply put, there is simply no one else who brings as much heart, soul and EASE to getting legally covered as Lisa Fraley.”
– Robin Arutt, Founder, Full Potential Living® & HappyHealthyThyroid™

“Lisa is an absolute visionary.  Here ability to create clear and safe operating space allows entrepreneurs to go out and rock it in their business.  She has a gift in teaching you how to become powerful in your business!”
– Carrie Montgomery, Personal Brand Stylist & Brand Coach

“Lisa Fraley is my go to expert on all things legal in the online wellness world. She gets it, and helps to navigate the challenges – explaining all of the legalese
to science nerds like me. Get this book! You won’t be disappointed.”
– Jessica Drummond, Founder & CEO, Integrative Women’s Health Institute

Easy Legal Steps is a gift to the world of entrepreneurs! Beautifully blending the law with the heart,
Lisa Fraley’s loving legal wisdom leaves us empowered to put the boundaries in place
that hold our sacred work so we can soar abundantly with peace of mind.”
– Keri Nola, Licensed Psychotherapist & Best Selling Author

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and click here to get the bonuses.)

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“With this beautifully written book, Lisa has accomplished an impressive and rare feat – she’s made business law accessible, understandable and not at all scary. Through engaging personal stories, case studies and lots of Legal Love, small business owners and entrepreneurs are now empowered to achieve greater clarity, more success and sweet, sweet peace of mind. Thanks Lisa for a book that NEEDED to be written!”
– Maria Saracen, Business Coach, Emmy-Nominated Journalist & TV Producer for PBS

“Lisa is my go-to legal guide and her book provides a refreshing perspective that takes the fear out of protecting my sacred work in the world. Her words are empowering and life-giving
and I am making this book a recommended read for each and every one of my clients.
Thank you, Lisa, for having the courage to share your brilliance in this beautiful way
and, in doing so, giving me wings to do the same!”
– Amber Lilyestrom, Branding Strategist + Business Coach ⦁ Founder of The Soul Fueled CEO™ Academy

“Lisa is an angel: a messenger. Her messages are not only thoughtful, they are heartfelt. She delivers legal messages that are practical and spiritual. Because of Lisa’s words of wisdom, I have upped my energetic vibe. I am creating and implementing legal documents that meet my boundaries and serve my clients. I now feel protected and safe to allow my heart to freely express my message to serve the world. This book is an easy read. I now understand the need and importance of creating legal documents that protect my boundaries and allow my heart to freely express my message to serve the world.”
– Caroline Aslanian, Holistic Nutrition Expert, Speaker, and #1 International Best Selling Author,

When you follow the legal steps and chakra-aligned principles in the book, both law and business will feel more approachable, safer, and easier to understand.

Based on the hundreds of clients I’ve helped, and on my own personal journey as a lawyer and entrepreneur, you’ll see how these steps can get you to the life and income you want much faster…and, most importantly, in a way that is soulfully aligned.

Here’s to bringing you Easy Legal Steps…That are Also Good for Your Soul!