Our best holiday gift ideas from my team members and me

by | Dec 5, 2022 | VIP Retreat in Sedona

Sometimes it’s hard to think of great holiday gift ideas for your friends, family or team members.

You always get your sister the same old $25 Starbucks gift card as a stocking stuffer. And fuzzy slippers for your mom. (She must have a zillion pairs by now.)

Need some inspiration?

Here’s our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide with my team members’ favorite gifts to give.

Consider it a gift from our team to you!

????Blue Russ, Legal Chat Specialist:

Trades of Hope* – This company is fair trade meets network marketing, with everyone winning in the process. The artisans are guaranteed living wage, and a percentage of profits go back into community projects. Most important – they make high quality and beautiful products!

Tower Garden* – I love the gift of helping people grow their own food, indoors or out, in a super water-efficient way (using 10% of the water of an in-ground garden!). Anything that is not a root veggie can be grown in these. I’ve been gardening this way for 8 years, growing everything from greens and herbs to tomatoes, cucumbers and squash! My favorite use was a couple who grew flowers to give each other.

????Heather Lienenbrugger, Creative Marketing Director:

Soothing Touch Lavender Herbal Salt Scrub.This is a super easy and calming way to upgrade your shower or bathing experience. It exfoliates and moisturizes the skin leaving a healthy, smooth glow – and it smells amazing. (Sounds indulgent? It is!)


????Katelyn Larson, Operations Director:

Coffee + a Coffee Cup + a Cozy Blanket from Saranoni. What could be more wonderful on a cold day than snuggling up under a cozy, warm blanket on the couch with a steaming cup of coffee? These luxury throws are 50 x 60 inches so they cover you from neck to toe! They have 15 colors and textures and range from chunky knit to faux fur – there’s a blanket for everyone!

????Lisa Fraley, Legal Coach & Attorney (me!):

Farmhouse Fresh®* – Their products are organic, pure, natural, smell delicious, are cruelty-free (they love animals!) and made in the USA. Bonus! They also run an animal sanctuary (that’s the “Farm” part!) and every purchase goes to help fund, rescue, and rehabilitate abused horses, goats, dogs, even donkeys. They offset 100% of their carbon emissions and support renewable energy, sustainability, and forest management. My fave products are New Groove Gel Cleanser (with CBD), Fluffy Bunny Shea Butter body lotion, and Skin Saviors sample set. Get clean products with a great purpose. (Enter code LISA_FRALEY to get free shipping!)



????Lydia Johnson, Social Media Manager:

Loops Beauty and little gift baskets – I love these custom gift baskets because there’s one for everyone – for the movie lovers: some popcorn and candy and a cozy blanket, for the coffee lover: a new mug, some fresh coffee grounds and some fuzzy socks, or for your self care queen: a candle, some eye and face masks, lotion and a cute headband. (Some of my favorite masks are by Loops Beauty!)


????Michelle Schweitzer, Accounting & Finance Specialist:

The Energy Almanac* – This is an easy-to-read holistic guide for the 12 months of the year. See exactly how the planets support your days, weeks, months and then plan your life accordingly. You can also improve the timing of your movement by using the lunar cycle information, know which gemstone will support your energetic alignment for the upcoming weeks, understand which specific essential oils to help balance and restore yourself…and so much more.

Vibe Jewelry Co – This is a woman-owned jewelry company. The artist makes jewelry from gorgeous gemstones. I’ve even had some jewelry custom-made for friends and family.


We hope this gift roundup gives you some good ideas of new, fun gifts for those you love.

(Please note that those with asterisks above are affiliate links. My team and I love these products so much that we’re affiliates for these companies, respectively, which means we do receive a small commission for purchases made through our links.)

Please know that above all else, YOU are the biggest gift to my team and me.

We appreciate you and your business. We value your desire to legally protect yourself as you build the business and life of your dreams.

We care about you more than you even know.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy this special time of year with those you love!

Happy gift shopping and happy holidays!

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