Peace of mind about the GDPR!

by | May 17, 2018 | Blog

Yesterday we had over 3000 coaches, practitioners and business owners join us on yesterday’s GDPR webinar!

Did you miss it? You can register to watch the replay and get your GDPR Checklist here.

On the webinar, we discussed TWO MAIN THINGS to do before May 25:

STEP 1: Update your Privacy Policy

The GDPR sets a HIGHER standard for privacy when it comes to clients or people on your list who are in the European Union.

You have to tell people in plain English how you will collect, process and use their personal data – and their rights around how you use it.

Not gonna lie – it’s not easy to update your Privacy Policy on your own. Our Privacy Policy template required major updates. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you.  

Your NEW and UPDATED Privacy Policy template is:

  • GDPR-compliant with all the information that we shared on the webinar
  • Written in plain English
  • Easy to download and update with your biz info
  • Immediately available
  • Simple to put in place now – before May 25th!

This DIY legal template is quick and easy for you to personalize with your biz information and get in place immediately after you buy it – pronto!

Get your new Privacy Policy template here for $297

PLUS you get a BONUS!! GDPR Cheat Sheet for Consent with the exact language
to use for your opt-in boxes, e-newsletter lists and freebies!


STEP 2: Update how you get Consent from people to process their data (in marketing e-mails, etc.)

Before you collect basic personal data (email addresses, names, financial information, etc.), you’ll need to get obvious, actual consent from the person.

That means you’ll need to edit how you collect personal information on landing pages, opt in box, e-newsletter sign up, client intake forms and all other places where you collect information!

Listen to the free webinar + access the GDPR Checklist to learn more.

And, when you get the Privacy Policy template, you’ll get the BONUS – the exact language to say when you’re getting consent! (Perfect, right?)

What if you already have a Privacy Policy?

You STILL have to have an updated Privacy Policy that complies with the GDPR.

It’s a complete overhaul of the language. (You can’t just insert a new paragraph into your existing document.)

What if you RECENTLY got a Privacy Policy?

Well, it’s like iPhones. If you bought an iPhone a few months ago, you still have to get a new one to get the new version. Same is true here. Bummer, we know – but every business who interacts with people in Europe have to do it too. You’re not alone.

We’ve made it super-easy (and affordable!) for you….

Get your updated GDPR-friendly Privacy Policy template here. And the BONUS Consent language for your opt-in boxes, e-newsletter lists and freebies.

We’re here to take legalese and make it legal-easy!