Questions about Trademarking? Here’s where to start.

by | Apr 26, 2021 | Trademark & Copyright

Ah, to Trademark or not to Trademark – that is the question.

A registered Trademark gives you legal rights for 10 years – and can stop others from using your unique brand name.

But, SHOULD you even Trademark your biz name, program name, or tagline?

Like maybe you’re a skin care coach who came up with a great new biz name called “Timeless Transformation”…

Or you’re a health coach with a program name called “Cocoa and Kale: Simple Swaps for Your Favorite Foods”…

Or you’re a chiropractor with a new self-study video course called “Straighten Up to Stop Pain”…

Is it REALLY worth the time and the cost?
Is it beneficial?
What exactly SHOULD you Trademark? And WHEN should you Trademark?
How does the PROCESS even work?
Do I really need to have a lawyer help me?
The questions go on and on….

To help you know WHETHER you have something to Trademark, whether it’s worth the COST of Trademarking, and HOW to get started, I’ve created a new, quick DIY Legal Master Class for you.



This 45-minute DIY Legal Master Class helps you know whether it’s time to dive into filing for a registered Trademark – and it gives you a legal resource to use now and in the future anytime you’re thinking of Trademarking something. And it’s just $97.

By the end of the Legal Master Class, you’ll know:

1. Whether you have a brand you should Trademark
2. Whether it’s even worth investing in Trademarking (it’s not right for everyone)
3. How to get started with the Trademarking process

Learn more about the quick, do-it-anywhere Legal Master Class on Trademarking HERE.

Just hear how Shanti felt… (Shanti’s biz leads families on hikes to teach children about the outdoors – she’s a woman after my own heart!): 


If you’re wondering WHETHER you have something to Trademark, if it’s even worth the COST, and HOW to get the whole process started, you’ll love the new Master Class.

Access the Master Class info here.

I truly believe that when you get legally covered and protect your business and your work with intellectual property protections like registered Trademarks, you increase your professionalism and credibility in the world – and you support your unique brand too!

Here’s to honoring your creativity and to feeling more safe, secure, and confident by understanding Trademarking!