Reach your Big Hairy Goals with a Legal Starter Kit

by | Mar 9, 2020 | DIY Legal Templates

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the relationship between safety and risk when it comes to biz…

I call it “The Paradox of Safety and Risk”:

We don’t take risks unless we feel safe first.  

Ironically, we have to feel safe FIRST in order to take risks.

Seems strange, doesn’t it?

(BTW, feeling safe to take risks is one of my values – which is why I am opting OUT of Florence Retreat this summer in Italy. I want everyone to be safe and do more DIY and legal and biz work from the comfort of your own home right now.)

Here’s why we have to feel safe FIRST…

When we don’t feel safe and secure, we don’t take action to expand and grow. 

We talk about creating a new course, but we let the tech get in the way and can’t seem to actually do it. 

We spend hours creating a beautiful new website but we can’t quite push the “publish” button because we feel so vulnerable. 

We lower the price of our program during a discovery call because we’re afraid the potential client will think it’s too expensive.

Have you been there? Can you relate? (Yeah, I get that.)

So here’s the thing:

Paradoxically, both safety AND risk are needed to be successful… It’s not an “OR”, it’s an “AND”!

Here’s a little journaling exercise to help this paradox sink in. Ready? 

Jot down a “Big Hairy Goal” or even a Small Scary Step that you’re holding back from doing in your biz – or your life – because you’ve felt too scared. 

As you’re writing, here are a few examples from my own business:

  • Small Scary Step: Share my professional photos on my website. The first time I saw photos of me back in 2012 a red form-fitting dress to put on my website, it was TERRIFYING! I felt so visible and open to criticism about my body, my clothes, my hair – all of it. I felt so exposed.
  • Big Hairy Goal: Talk publicly about the spiritual side of the law. Years ago, after I received the divine download that there are 7 main legal steps that align with the 7 main chakras, I didn’t tell anyone for 2 YEARS (except my clients) that the law protects you in practical legal ways AND energetic ways! It felt so scary to share.

If you wrote your Goals/Steps down, congrats! (That in and of itself is a big step.)

Now that we’ve talked about risk, now let’s focus on safety…

How can you FEEL safe to take a risk? What can you do to feel SAFER?

How can you support yourself (on the inside and outside) so that you can take more RISKS to accomplish your goals in a way that feels lighter and brighter?

I’m a lawyer so I care a lot about safety and reducing risk and keeping you safe. That’s why I’m always talking about how getting legally covered helps you to feel safe, secure and grounded in your business.

Let’s talk about ways to feel safe now.

Let’s start with the concept of resourcing. Resourcing is “borrowing” the feelings of success and safety from things you’ve accomplished in the PAST. 

Jot down 1 (or more!) challenge or risk you’ve taken in the PAST which was successful.

Here are a few of mine, if it helps:

  • I completed law school and passed the bar exam. (Whew!)
  • I ran 3 marathons and each time I was worried I wouldn’t make it past that dreaded mile 17 but I found my grit and my courage and I did it. 
  • I wrote my book and wondered if anyone was even going to buy it – and I’ve now sold thousands of copies. 
  • I started a podcast with bite-sized legal tips in 20 minutes or less and worried if anyone would listen to it – and sooo many people tell me it’s helpful to them.

Next, think about the PRESENT. What have you done recently to feel safe? What steps have you taken to help yourself feel safe? 

For example:

  • Do you have professional liability insurance for your biz?
  • Do you have your legal documents for working with clients – like your Client Agreement (for your 1-on-1 clients) or your Client Agreement for your Small Groups & Masterminds (if you run a mastermind or small group program with a lot of interaction)? 
  • Do you have your website documents up on your website so if someone comes along and swipes your copy you have legal language to fall back on? 

Give yourself kudos for each step you’ve taken. The more steps we take, the safer we feel. 

If you haven’t taken these steps, it probably won’t surprise you that legal documents help you feel safe to expand and grow in your business.

Legal documents reduce your risk on the front end which allows you to relax and exhale. They help you not feel exposed or worried as you expand your income and impact.

If you don’t have your legal documents in place, a great place to start is with a Legal Starter Kit. There are 3 options. They’re super-easy, simple & clear! 

Check them out HERE.



You’ll see them in red near the top of the page. They’re documents written in plain English which you download and fill in the blanks. They come with audio guide and they’re easy to fill out.

Legal documents help you FEEL safe by creating a firm foundation under your biz so you can grow and expand and accomplish your Big Hairy Goals or Small Scary Steps with confidence and rootedness.

Here’s to feeling safe to take risks by taking steps to get legally covered! I’m celebrating each step you take right along with you!