Ready to “go pro” with an S-Corporation?

Limit your liability and protect your assets

with a corporation designed for small businesses.

what is it?

An S-Corporation (or S-Corp) is a corporation designed for small businesses because it gives the protection of a corporation, but more flexibility on the financial side than an LLC.

An S-Corp is formed at the state level but has been granted Subchapter S status by the IRS at the federal level.

An “S-Corp” limits your liability by keeping your personal and business finances separate. If a creditor comes after you for an unpaid business debt, it means that they can only go after your business assets, and they can’t reach your personal assets. Likewise, if you’re sued in business, you aren’t putting your personal assets, like your house or your car, at risk.

You want to make sure you are limiting your liability so that people can’t reach too deep into your pockets if they come after you or sue you.

An S-Corp may be right for you if…

Heart BulletYou’re an established entrepreneur.

Heart BulletYou have consistently high income.

Heart BulletYou’re comfortable with complexity and corporate filings.

Having an S-Corporation is one of the best ways to protect your assets, and when you honor the inner spiritual wisdom and insight of your third eye chakra, you always know when it’s time to “go pro”.

why do you need it?

An S-Corp can give you more options around revenues, shares, and taxes, but it’s more complex to set up and maintain than an LLC. You’ll want to form an S-Corp if you want

Heart Bulletto save money in reduced taxes over time (but be sure to check with your accountant).

Heart Bulletto easily transfer shares if you later wish to sell your interest in the company.

Heart Bulletclients who take you more seriously – because you take your own work more seriously.

Every day that you DON’T have an S-Corporation in place, you’re exposing yourself to risk on a personal level. If you want an S-Corp and you’re ready to step up, we can form it for you.

what’s included?

Ready to have us file your S-Corp documents for you?

The S-Corp Formation & Filing Package includes:

  • S-Corp Formation & Filing – Compiling and filing of the paperwork needed to create your S-Corp in the state where your principal place of business is located.
  • S-Corp Formation Prep Sheet – to get you clear about your desired S-Corp name, gather information for the filing documents, identify your corporate policies, and more.
  • 30-Minute Prep Call – One-on-one phone call with Lisa to gather info about you and your business for the S-Corp filing.
  • 60-Minute Walk-Through Call – One-on-one phone call with Lisa to walk through your business entity formation, explain your corporate documents, answer your questions, and inform your next steps.
  • S-Corp Articles of Incorporation – prepared and sent to you as an official record of your S-Corp Formation.
  • Corporate Bylaws – drafted for you as your corporate governing bylaws document (most attorneys charge separately for this document!)
  • Federal Tax ID Number (EIN) – essential for opening your biz bank account, hiring employees, and for other business ventures.
  • S-Corp Election Form – filed with the IRS to elect your tax status as an S-Corp.
  • DIY Legal Master Class: How To File Your BOI Report – a do-on-your-own-time class to guide you step-by-step through filing your own BOI Report after your LLC has been formed.

how long does it take?

Once your document has been filed, it can take 3 days to 3 weeks to complete the S-Corp formation. (It may be possible to file additional filing fees for expedited services.) From start to finish, the process takes a few weeks, so it’s good to plan ahead.

the investment?

 one payment of $2597

six payments of $437

ten payments of $267

(S-Corp formation & filing fees are legitimate tax-deductible business expenses. State filing fees are included. By purchasing this package, you agree that corporate entity filing service may be used to help form
your S-Corporation.)

This package does not include the completion of any federal, state or local business registration, tax forms, or other documents required following the initial filing documents to create the S-Corp.

“Lisa has brought me peace of mind and freedom to grow my business with confidence and legal clarity.“

She explained the law in clear terms and has allowed me the space and freedom to feel confident in having a sound legal structure for my businesses.

I have grown my therapy business from a part-time mental health practice to a full-time business earning 6 figures. I also recently incorporated a brand new separate life coaching business as an S-Corp thanks to Lisa’s support and guidance.

Lisa’s DIY documents, podcast, book and more have allowed me the room to grow my business with confidence & clarity. I consider Lisa to be an indispensable member of my team and I am so very fortunate to have found her.

Jan Marie Ramos, LCSW

Therapist & Life Coach, founder of Jan Marie Inc. & Naples Oceanside Wellness

“Lisa allows me to do what I do best without worry.”

Lisa made the legalities of forming my S-corporation easy to understand and guided me through each step with ease. I now consider her the legal expert on my team. She allows me to do what I do best without worry. And to think I almost used!

Jennifer Barnett

Holistic Health Coach & doTERRA Gold Wellness Advocate

“Lisa made forming my S-corp so unbelievably easy!”

Not only does Lisa know her stuff, she also gets the ins and outs of the coaching world so I always feel completely safe in her hands. It feels so freeing to have created this legal container for my business. I feel so protected and empowered. My business is now ready to go to the next level.

Julie Santiago

Spiritual Mentor & Happiness Coach

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