She got the wrong legal documents… and it cost her.

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Website Disclaimer

I hear all the time (truly, I do – I’m not making this up)…

Ugh, the last thing I want to do is deal with the legal stuff in my business. 

I don’t want to spend a lot of money. 

Can’t I just grab something off of some cheap service on the internet?

The answer is nope, my friend. You would not be wise to do that.

Here’s an example why…

I was working with my client Molly (alias!) as she was rolling out her website.

Molly had bought some legal docs from a cheap online service (I know you’re wondering which one it is, but I’m not going to name names…).

She asked me if the disclaimer language she bought from the cheap service would work for her as a business coach.

Cheap services can be good for some things. But you can imagine how uncomfortable it is to tell someone they got the wrong legal document.

I said, “Um, I really hate to tell you this, but you actually purchased legal terms for a CONSTRUCTION COMPANY. This legal language isn’t going to work for you as an online business.”  (Sounds crazy, but it happened.)

Molly was NOT happy that the legal documents from the online site were of no use to her. She had wasted her money.

She realized she had to spend MORE money because she hadn’t done her research up front. 

She said “I KNEW I should have come to you and used your DIY Legal Templates. I should have listened to my intuition.”

I always say:

1. It’s sooooooo important that your legal documents are designed for the work that you do.

2. Legal documents don’t have to cost a lot of money.

The newest way to get DIY legal disclaimers for your website and social media – without spending thousands of dollars – is through the Legal Love™ Mini Course.



In this quick 2-week Mini Course from Feb 1 – 10 you’ll get:

  • DIY Mini-Disclaimer and DIY Website Disclaimer – so you can have solid legal protection for your website and social media created by an attorney (moi!) who understands online biz and brings the love & care of a coach.
  • 2 Done-With-You Workshops – live Zoom workshops with me to complete the templates so they’re DONE & ready to use!
  • Hand-holding from me – you can ask me questions about the templates & get quick answers during the workshops… like I’m sitting right next to you.

And the best part? A sigh of relief that you GOT IT DONE!

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(And psst! I made this so affordable that you get legal docs in a bundle plus done-with-you workshops and extra support for only $133 more than purchasing the 2 templates alone!)

And…. because I’m always full of Legal Love™, you’ll also get:

  • Legal Love™ Checklist to help you know what major legal protections you need for your biz & when to take each step. (The checklist itself is worth gold!)
  • Protect Your Content Resource Vault so you can learn about copyright, trademark and ownership rights to protect your website & social media through quick legal tips.
  • “Easy Legal Steps” (signed book) – my #1 bestseller that covers legal steps & chakra principles for growing a biz…plus examples of my own business mistakes & growth.

Start the year off right with this Mini Course and get the right disclaimer language for your website and social media – with me by your side!

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I don’t know when I’ll be offering this Mini Course again, so get in now and have peace of mind that your disclaimers are done right.

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