A sparkly & soulful legal B-School Bonus so good it should be illegal!

by | Feb 21, 2017 | Blog

Enrollment opens for Marie Forleo’s B-School TOMORROW! And if you sign up, you’ll receive a free mega-bonus that takes the (gluten-free) cake!

This B-School legal bonus is so good it should be illegal! (Ha!)

In B-School, you’ll learn from Marie how to identify your ideal client, build your e-newsletter list, do online marketing, build a website, ramp up your list-building and MORE!

B-School is by far the best strategic business-building online training program in the world. Hands down. (Ask almost anyone.)

Not only is Marie hilarious, as she teaches you about key biz concepts in short, fun-to-watch videos with worksheets that she calls “play sheets”, but she has a bazillion guest experts, huge incredible B-School facebook group with almost 18,000 members (!), live weekly “Office Hours” Q&A calls, and the support of her team is incredible.

This year, she’s added coaches for extra support and created a 12-payment plan to make B-School fit into almost any budget.

This isn’t just another online business course.
Marie is like Oprah in the online business world.

(Well, except she has the most gorgeous head of extremely long hair you’ve ever seen. AND she teaches you how to go from making $500 to $500,000 using these tools. How do I know this? Because it happened to me.)

When you invest in the best business-building course on the planet (IMHO), you’ll get a HUGE legal bonus from Gena Shingle Jaffe and me absolutely free! #welovefree

The timing is perfect because some of the best advice I can give you is to get the right documents in place to LEGALLY PROTECT and SUPPORT your business AS you build it through B-School. Why?

So you don’t lose what you are working so hard to build. #nobrainer

When you take B-School, you get the tools to build your business. When you receive our B-School bonus, you get the tools to legally protect it. #bestwinningcombo

What’s the B-School bonus we’re giving away for free?

Damsel goes bare™ LITE!

Gena Shingle Jaffe and I have combined the best of BOTH of our legal worlds (again!) and we are gifting you with our Damsel goes bare™ LITE online legal course – because TWO energetic powerhouse B-School lawyers are better than one!!

In the Damsel goes bare™ LITE legal course, you’ll receive 4 legal templates to cover your website and client relationships which are the first steps to feeling safe and secure & protecting your income (not to mention, spiritually support your 1st and 2nd chakras).

Here’s what you get:

  • 4 key legal templates to disclaim your liability, protect your website content and visitors’ privacy, and client contract that are super-easy to customize for your business:
    • Website Disclaimer
    • Client Agreement/Terms of Purchase for 1:1 Coaching
    • Website Terms & Conditions
    • Privacy Policy
  • 4 video legal lessons to walk you through the templates so you know what each template is, why it’s important, and how to personalize it just for you.
  • 2 LIVE calls with Gena and Lisa to support you all the way through B-School and to learn more how we applied B-School to our businesses. All calls will be recorded and they will be held:
    • Wednesday, March 22 at 2pm ET
    • Wednesday, April 12 at 2pm ET

This course is valued at $997 – BUT, if you enroll in B-School tomorrow through our Affiliate link, you’ll receive the course for FREE. Yep! That’s right! F.R.E.E. This is the ONLY time Damsel goes bare™ LITE will be offered for FREE.

(But, if you need your legal ducks in a row and you want to purchase the DGB LITE legal course WITHOUT signing up for B-School, you can also do that tomorrow!)

The B-School cart opens TOMORROW, so get ready! Watch your e-mail for the link so you can sign up and get 4 of the most important legal templates you need to protect your biz AND support from Gena and me.

Here’s to building your business with B-School and protecting it with the best legal bonus EVER (see, I told you it should be illegal)!

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I fully believe in B-School and I fully believe in Marie Forleo. I’m grateful to be able to share my B-School experience with you, and I want you to know that when you sign up for B-School, I will earn a referral fee and you’ll receive our Damsel goes bare™ LITE course for FREE! Everybody wins – and it feels GOOD!