I’m so glad you’ve scheduled a free 20-minute Legal Chat!

It’s important to legally protect yourself, your business and your brand.

Legal steps protect you in practical ways to reduce your risk, protect your work, raise your confidence, and up your professionalism. I align legal steps with the chakras because energetically, they help you create better loving boundaries with clients and plug any gaps you may have.

You may know exactly what you need – or you may have no idea. Either way, have no worries!

The goal of the Legal Chat is to help you get clear about your next steps so you can take the RIGHT legal steps for your business and in the right order for you – one step at a time.

You may have a number of legal questions that you’d like to ask. Since our brains can only figure out a few things at a time, the goal for the Legal Chat is to understand your primary legal question and go from there.

Here’s how the Legal Chat works:

1. First, you’ll start by sharing a bit about your business and your primary legal question or worry with one of my Legal Chat Specialists, who will then confer with me.

My Legal Chat Specialists are trained and experienced holistic health coaches and they have been personally trained by me to support you. Their role is to listen to you share your thoughts and questions and gather as much information as possible about you and your situation so that we can help you faster.

You should know that the Legal Chat Specialist will NOT be giving legal advice during your call, as they aren’t legally allowed to do so, but I trust them completely to support you – and you can trust them as well.

Please note that we will keep all of the information that you share with us completely confidential.

2. Then, after the call, the Legal Chat Specialist will share the information with me.

:: If your situation has a simple answer:

Your next step may be using one or more of my DIY legal templates (but only if it is right for YOUR business).

:: If your situation requires a more complex answer:

Your next step may be to dive deeper in a paid consultation with me called a “30-Minute Power Hour” or “1-Hour Power Hour or to work privately with me based on your situation and the type of legal request.

:: In some cases, your next step may be referring you to another attorney:

It all depends, based on my professional opinion about your situation.

We will convey these recommendations to you by email, set up a Next Steps call, or I may reply to you directly – it all depends on your specific situation.  

Congratulations on taking this step! We’re looking forward to connecting with you!

Here’s to getting legally covered.

Lots of Legal Love™ to you!