The legal fast-track for licensed practitioners is back!

by | Jan 16, 2023 | Legal Clarity Course for Doctors & Licensed Medical Practitioners

Last October I launched a brand new course for doctors or licensed practitioners who want to protect their practice as they expand their reach online.

And practitioners loved it!

The 29 licensed practitioners who enrolled wanted to get clarity around:

  • How can I (legally!) work with people across state lines?
  • How do I keep my license safe and secure?
  • How can I offer online health coaching as a licensed practitioner?
  • What kind of title should I use? Can I call myself a doctor?
  • How should I organize my business structure?
  • How can I safely offer online courses?
  • What type of insurance do I need?
  • When do I have to follow HIPAA?
  • How can I include lab tests and supplements?

and so much more….

They didn’t want to just wing it or guess if they were doing it right because they knew they could jeopardize their license or draw unwanted attention to themselves.

A risky mistake! (Like balancing a mug of hot coffee on your leg – a fun trick, maybe, but not so wise….)

As they progressed through the course, their new insights and understandings were inspiring….

Which is why I’m opening this LEGAL FAST-TRACK course again, but in a NEW & IMPROVED way:

“How to Legally Protect Your Practice and Reach More Clients:
A Legal Clarity Course for Doctors & Licensed Medical Practitioners.”



This course is a deep dive into the legal info you need (with even MORE resources!) so you can easily reach and help more people… SAFELY.

It teaches you a safe path to reduce your risk on the legal front so you can leverage your knowledge.

Learn more and enroll here.

Who is this course for?

This course is for ALL licensed medical practitioners who:

  • want to expand in the online space
  • add functional medicine to their practice, or
  • wonder if they should become health coaches.

After taking this course in the fall, enrollees now know (and you can too!):

  • which services and programs they can legally offer to expand their reach safely.
  • the right legal documents to use to save them time, stress and struggle.
  • a legal framework to work across state lines with more people in the country – or even the world (including addressing functional medicine and health coaching).
  • their NEW profitable business profile with the services and courses which are most aligned for them.
  • how to reduce their risk and protect their license.
  • how to banish fear and doubt that may arise as they expand and grow (because they’re doing things safely).
  • what it feels like to be inspired and confident that they can do this.
  • how they saved time and money by learning months of legal information in a stress-free, easy, speedy way.
  • how good it feels to have received 1-on-1 support from me to get specific questions answered.

Curious about the new format?

Here’s a quick overview:

  • Legal Clarity Workshop replay that is broken into sections to watch on your own time where you’ll learn how to keep yourself safe based on the Legal Risk Scale™ and create your own Profitable Business Profile with your new business offers to expand your reach.
    2 1-Hour Power Hours with me to help you get clear about your own situation.
  • NEW!! Your choice of a Legal Starter Kit to start you off with the right legal documents for your main program or service based on your Profitable Business Profile.
  • 7 DIY Legal Master Classes accessible 24/7 to dive further into how not to make medical claims, how to save money on taxes, when to form an LLC, how to trademark, etc.
  • NEW!! 6 months of group Live Legal Q&A Calls to show up live and ask quick questions in a group setting. You’ll not only learn from your peers’ questions but you can also gain clarity at every step. Calls begin February 8!

Click here for more details and to enroll.

If the “legal stuff” has felt scary or you haven’t felt “ready” yet…

Deep down, part of you knows that being exposed is holding you back.

I can assure you, when you take legal steps, you feel safe and secure…and you shift your energy to feel confident in the online space.

If you’re a licensed medical practitioner and you want to expand your practice in 2023 – but don’t want to get in trouble – like having hot coffee spilled all over your lap – this course is for you.

It’s a new year. Protect yourself. Protect your license. Expand your reach. Do it safely. Do it now.

Here’s how…

Click here to get legal clarity so you can help more people across the country (in a safe way!)