There’s always a cost to not using legal documents.

by | Mar 4, 2024 | DIY Legal Templates

Picture this:

You’re cruising along in your business when suddenly… cue dramatic music 🎶…

Legal trouble strikes!😱

Check out this story about my client who found herself in a legal mess…

A superstar client – a business coach – came to me with mascara-laden tears…

One of her $15,000 Platinum Program clients wasn’t happy and wanted a full refund.

The business coach had used a Client Agreement that she got from a friend.

But she didn’t realize that it didn’t contain a Refund Policy.

Since her friend had been using it as a business coach too, she thought it was already rock solid.💪

As Julia Roberts’ character famously said… “Big mistake. Huge!”

The result?

The business coach had to give it back. Yes, all $15,000!

(And, yes, she’d already spent the money and didn’t have an extra $15k lying around.)💸

Why did she have to refund it all?

Because there was nothing in writing that the client had agreed to saying that the coach had a “no refund” policy.

❌ It’s not enough to just have a refund policy on a website or sales page.
❌ It’s not enough to tell the client about your refund policy in a discovery call.
❌ It’s not enough to use your friend’s client agreement without realizing it has big holes.🧀

She HAD to refund the money.

Super-stressful, I know.

Legal Love™ Tip: There’s always a cost to not using strong legal documents.



➡️ Sometimes it’s a huge amount of money.

➡️ Sometimes it’s peace of mind.

But there’s always a cost.

Now, I know that putting legal documents in place isn’t fun….

But having protection to cover your buns, protect your income, protect your work, and reduce your risk is totally worth it.

Legal documents…

✅ spell out your disclaimers

✅ make it clear where your liability is limited (so important!)

✅ include your refund policy (like “we don’t give refunds”)

✅ give you this amazing thing called peace of mind.

…so you can actually sleep at night instead of tossing and turning, worrying about what could go wrong or having to give big refunds.

So, if you’re tired of living on a prayer🙏and crossing your fingers🤞that the docs you’re using are “probably good enough,” it’s time to get your legal ducks in a row.

Not to worry. We have 50+ DIY Legal Templates right here to support your business.

They’re written in plain English with clear legal language that’s meant to cover your buns. They’re easy to download and fill out. And they come with audio guides too.

If you don’t know which doc you need, no worries. Just hit reply. We’ve got you!

Then you can hit the pillow at night and get some shut eye knowing that you’re using strong legal docs – and you’re legally covered.🛌

Here’s to protecting yourself…and not giving $15,000 refunds! 😀

And hey, if you need a hand figuring out what legal docs you need, please don’t guess. Just hit reply, and we’ll shower you with Legal Love™ (because we’re all about the legal TLC!) 😍