Are you thinking of hiring a team? Read this.

by | Jul 19, 2017 | Blog

Hiring new team members? It can be expansive (and scary!) when you hire someone to help you in your business.

Whether you are ready to hire a Virtual Assistant, Graphic Designer or other contractor to provide a professional service, it’s key to have a written agreement so that you can both feel CLEAR and COMFORTABLE as to what you both are agreeing to as you dive into your work together.

Even if:

  • You’re hiring your business bestie to be your Marketing Director (like I did with one of my dearest friends Heather Jernigan!).

  • You’re hiring your Mastermind sister to be your Stylist, Video Director, Videographer, and Makeup Artist (like I did with the amazing Carrie Montgomery!)
  • You’re hiring your local B-School friend to be your Website Designer (like I did with the multi-talented Laura Sprinkle!)

You’ll both benefit using a contract to protect you in PRACTICAL ways with written legal language to fall back on – AND SPIRITUALLY to support your sacral chakras by raising your energetic frequencies to attract more of what you want.

Bottom line: Contracts make you AND your biz besties, Mastermind sisters, and local B-School friends more safe, secure and clear about your roles, and supports money, creativity, and abundance for BOTH of you.

And now, you can save money when you are ready to hire multiple team members with the Hiring A Team Package! #score


The Hiring A Team Package includes:

  • DIY Agreement for Hiring a Virtual Assistant
  • DIY Agreement for Hiring a Graphic Designer
  • DIY Independent Contractor

When you purchase all three together, you can save $294!

Because when you are clear others are clear. Everyone wins.

Ready to get your legal ducks in a row (and prevent a Legal Pickle™ down the road) by creating written agreements for your contractors?

Read more and purchase the Hiring A Team Package here.



Hear how my client Katya Sarmiento shifted from fear to empowerment with getting legally covered – and how it helped her with her enrollment process:

“Lisa did two things for me – she created my Client Agreement and Disclaimer AND she shifted my fear. Fear of all the legal terms, fear of being a coach and possibly being responsible “for” my clients, fear of putting myself out there and actually getting clients, fear of the entire enrollment process, just a fear that kept me stuck at zero clients, zero dollars.

Lisa flipped the switch for me – both through her coaching and through the service she provided. Each and every time we did a walkthrough of a legal document, I realized more and more that she continually gave me space to be ME, and create a business around my values and needs, WHILE protecting me.

And here’s something I never thought I’d say: I understand every word of these legal documents!!! I used be SO scared of reading contracts and legal papers, and now it’s like “oh yeah, I understand that, and so do my clients!”

It’s an amazing feeling to know that I’m protected, my clients are empowered, and everyone is on the same page. Especially because I used to write my own contracts before Lisa, and that caused more headaches and losses for me than anything else.

Thank you Lisa for wanting the best for me, for knowing SO MUCH about law and how to protect me, and for really changing the way I see business and law. Also, thank you for holding that space for me to shift my fears and celebrate my new clients (and no longer being scared of the enrollment process! Woohoo!). I feel safe, comfortable, and EXCITED to get new clients now! Thank you!!!”

Katya Sarmiento
Authentic Technology Coach and Owner of Kat Web Designs

Here’s to feeling empowered (and saving money!) when you hire a team!