Do you have a biz name or tagline to protect?

It’s important to trademark it.

A registered trademark gives you legal rights

for 10 years – and stops others in their tracks!

what is a registered trademark?

A registered Trademark protects your brand. It gives you legal rights to use your tagline, logo, business or program name in a certain way – and you can stop others from using it without your permission.

The purpose of a Trademark is to prevent others from copying key elements of your brand. It also tries to prevent brand confusion in the marketplace for consumers by setting brands apart.

Trademarking can appear to be deceptively easy, but it’s critical to register your mark in the right class and with a precise description based on how you plan to use it.

It can take 6-18 months and it’s not guaranteed – but it’s well worth the investment of time, energy and money when you receive legal rights for 10 years that you can renew again and again to enforce against Copycats and Swipers.

why do you need it?

If you’re passionate about your phrase or logo and see a lot of potential to use it for many years, Trademarking is one of the top ways to protect your brand. Hands down.

Not only do you gain certain legal rights in practical ways, but spiritually, this crowning achievement gives you peace and calm knowing your work is protected which supports your crown chakra.

You’ll want to Trademark your brand now so you:

Heart BulletWon’t find that someone beats you to the punch by trademarking the same or a similar name.

Heart BulletSo you claim your rights now to a tagline or program name you LOVE!

Heart BulletSo you protect your brand identity that you’ve worked so hard to build.

Heart BulletKeep your intellectual property safe so it’s not copied or swiped.

Heart BulletUplevel your professionalism and legally protect your creative work.

Not gonna lie: Trademarking is tricky. It requires attention, accuracy and responsiveness. Don’t go it alone. You’re 50% more likely to have a Trademark granted if an attorney is involved. (Studies show it!)

ready to Trademark?

The first step is to have a Trademark Search done to identify potential conflicts.

It doesn’t make sense to file a Trademark Application if someone else already has the same or similar trademark, so a Trademark Search that goes far beyond a simple database search or internet inquiry can save you time and money before you file your mark!

Here’s how it works:

I conduct the results of the Trademark Search and then we discuss the findings.

If it looks good that there’s a strong chance your Trademark would be granted (though nothing’s guaranteed), then we move to Step 2.

If it looks bad due to existing Trademarks that might prevent the USPTO from granting yours, we STOP here – so you don’t waste your time or money.

what’s included?

The Trademark Search Package includes:

  • Trademark Search – I search various sources and databases to see if your desired phrase or logo is available or already taken. (The Trademark Search is for 1 phrase or logo only, so if you have multiple phrases to be searched, purchase separate Trademark Searches for each.)
  • Trademark Search Prep Sheet – You receive questions to think through specific information about what you want to Trademark and how you plan to use the mark.
  • 30-Minute Trademark Search Results Call– One-on-one with Lisa to discuss the results of the Trademark Search and determine whether to file a Trademark Application.

the investment?

 one payment of $397

two payments of $207

(Note: Step 1 – the Trademark Search above – is required before moving forward with Step 2 – the Trademark Application.)

After the Trademark Search, then the next step is to file the Trademark Application, which is submitted it to the USPTO with the proper supportive evidence, handled with love and care, and monitored it throughout the process.

Trademarking should be easy and not stressful, so all communication with the USPTO and any necessary written legal responses are fully included in the package (and you aren’t nickled and dimed along the way.)

Here’s how it works:

We work together to identify the appropriate Trademark description and class(es).
We talk by phone so you can learn what evidence is best to submit to the USPTO and how to prepare your proof of use. Then the Trademark Application is completed and filed.

As the process unfolds, all communication or clarification needed from the USPTO is handled for you, including replying to Office Actions. I answer your questions, and keep you posted about each key step throughout the 6-18 month process.

what’s included?

The Trademark Application includes:

  • Trademark Application Preparation & Filing – Preparation and filing of your Trademark Application, including the identification of class(es), description, and preparation of the proof of use.
  • Government Fees for 1 Trademark Class – Fees for one Trademark class are included. (Additional classes are invoiced separately, and fees vary depending on how many classes are desired.)
  • Trademark Application Prep Sheet – You receive helpful questions to gather information for your Trademark Application, including identifying exactly what proof of use you need to submit to the USPTO.
  • 30-Minute Prep Call – One-on-one phone call with Lisa to review your Prep Sheet and evidence & to answer any questions about the process.
  • All Communication with USPTO – Correspondence with the government throughout the entire 6-18 month process – you don’t have to lift a finger!
  • All Written Legal Responses – Formal written responses that may be required by the USPTO are addressed. (No additional fees are charged, unlike with other attorneys or services.)
  • Ongoing Monitoring of Trademark Application Progress – Ongoing monitoring of each phase of the Application throughout the entire process.
  • E-Mail Status Updates – E-mail status updates are sent to you during each review phase so you stay informed.
  • Trademark Registration Certificate – Written certificate and confirmation of your Trademark Registration, if granted by the government.
  • BONUS! Registration Renewal Directions – Written directions to renew a registered mark in the future and appropriate next steps.

the investment?

 one payment of $2797

ten payments of $287

(The Trademark Application is filed for potential federal trademark protection in the United States only.
Should you wish to trademark internationally,
Lisa will refer you to a trademark attorney with international expertise.)

I appreciate how painless you made the Trademarking process!

Lisa, your instructions were clear, your feedback was always both supportive and constructive, and you could always be counted on to deliver when you said you’d deliver. Whether someone has been through the process before or this is their first intellectual property rodeo with Trademarking, I’d not hesitate to tell them you should be their first and last call.

Barry Nash, MFA

On-The-Air Television Talent Trainer, Performance Coach & Owner of TV HeadCoach® and Barry Nash and Company

Lisa helped us secure two very important trademarks and made the process unbelievably easy!

Chris Winfield

Co-Founder & CEO of Super Connector Media

Exciting news! Sewcial® now has a circle with an R in it! We are officially a REGISTERED TRADEMARK!

My baby, my labor of love, Sewcial® was born from a few fun ladies, many bottles of wine, and a really cool business plan drawn on a napkin several years ago to craft authentic social experiences to sew together and create pillows, totes, jammies and more. In 2015, I never imagined that I would be adding an R with a circle next to my brand. This has been a long time in the works and it has finally happened!

Thank you to my now dear friend, Lisa Fraley for her legal love and enlightenment for getting for Sewcial® it’s capital R with a circle around it.

Melissa Barton

Founder, Sewcial®

“Lisa really kept me level-headed through the entire Trademark process.”

WOW! What a journey! Thank you again for everything! You really kept me level-headed through this entire Trademarking process and I am so relieved that Hustle and Flow® is now a registered trademark!

I received the official document from the USPTO the other day before a dance class and I made an announcement to my team and dance students and it felt so good! Thank you so much!

Stephanie Harmon

Owner/Director at Hustle and Flow®

Lisa! THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this Trademarking process easy for us, and for stepping in when we’re unsure of what needs to be done.

As the head of a Client Care team with many moving parts, it’s a privilege to see you in action. Many thanks for all you do for my business coach client Lesli Bitel – I know you are her legal guiding light.

Abi Paine

Client Care Team, Lesli Bitel International

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