Train your mentees in your methodology with a DIY Certification Agreement

by | Jun 15, 2020 | DIY Legal Templates

It can feel like a major achievement when you have developed a successful unique methodology which you use with your own clients… and it is!

Maybe you’ve created a coaching methodology like the “Body-Soul Coaching Method” or a business approach – like the “Intuitive Marketing Framework” – and your clients LOVE it and now they want to teach it to THEIR clients.

What should you do when your clients approach you about wanting to teach YOUR methodology to THEIR clients?

Well, you can create a certification program which takes your mentees through a training program and grants them a license and certificate to use your methodology in their businesses once they’ve completed all of your requirements.

But, don’t wing training your mentees without having a solid agreement in writing first.

Here’s a little Legal Love™ Tip:

Use a Certification Agreement which sets the “rules of the game” for training your mentees in your methodology.



What is a Certification Agreement exactly?

A Certification Agreement outlines the benefits of certification – like having a special title, using a logo showing that they’re certified, and being permitted to use your methodology in their work.

It also spells out what they CAN’T do – like copy your work by creating a SIMILAR certification program or teaching your methodology to other people in a competitive way.

When do you need to use it?

Anytime you’re teaching your methodology to others and want to license the use of your methodology and/or materials so they can use them in THEIR businesses.

I’ve actually received a ton of requests for this type of agreement, so I’ve created a new DIY Certification Agreement.

Learn more and get a DIY Certification Agreement HERE. 

Sending you so much Legal Love™ as you expand your biz to train your mentees in your unique methodology through a Certification program!