Uplevel your business FASTER in Sedona with me!

by | Jan 30, 2023 | VIP Retreat in Sedona

I’m BACK in Sedona – this time for the whole winter. It’s our fourth visit here since July 2021. We absolutely love it.

My husband Scott and I have been here since New Year’s Day. We’ve been hiking the red rocks almost daily and even enjoying the snow. (Yes, it snows in the desert. I know, I didn’t realize it either. Sedona is 4350 feet up so it snows in the mountains a bit, but it’s all melted within a day or two. Nothing like Maine!)

Here’s 5 things I love about being in Sedona…

  1. The Energy Vortices. (Some call them “Vortexes”.) Either way, they’re powerful. There are specific locations in Sedona where you can feel energy either entering the earth or coming out of the earth’s plane. Some have a“feminine” grounding vibe and others are more “masculine” and stronger. My favorite is Bell Rock. I can really feel its calming energy – a great place for prayer or meditation.
  2. The Red Rocks. I love the vibrant red color of these mountains with their dark green evergreens against the bright blue sky. I feel supported by the mountains, like they carry the knowledge, wisdom, and deep history of the First Nation peoples who lived here centuries before us that just puts everything into perspective.
  3. The Hiking Trails. Sedona has over 250 hiking trails! We’ve done a 6 hour hike on Cathedral Rock (it’s an energy vortex), but our favorite hike is much shorter around Thunder Mountain in West Sedona near where we’re staying. (But if you’re not the hiking type, there’s still tons to do here!)
  4. “Uptown” Sedona. The town center is called “uptown” and it’s full of cute shops and restaurants. You can get good Southwestern food – and even try cactus fries at the Cowboy Cafe (no, they’re not as gross as they sound, they taste like zucchini fries. Delish!)
  5. The Pink Sunsets. Sedona is known for its pink skies. The sunset is just so beautiful here. My dad used to take a bazillion sunset photos. He would have loved seeing these sunsets. Someone who saw my pic on Facebook said the sunsets look like “paintings.” Just gorgeous!

And there’s something about being in a new location that causes my brain to look at life & biz differently.



And especially when it’s such a beautiful location!

Sedona has an almost magical energy that feels balanced and healing.

It feels calm and nurturing here.

If you’ve always wanted to come to Sedona (or want an excuse to escape the winter where you are), I’ve created a special opportunity for you…

You’re invited to join me here in March for a 1-on-1 holistic VIP retreat!



You’ll carve out time for YOU in a natural setting to help your nervous system relax, your heart feel full and allow your business to grow.

And, in a condensed time period, you’ll get answers to your legal questions quickly. You’ll walk away knowing your next steps for the unfolding of your business – on both the business AND legal fronts.

And also go on fun curated excursions to soak in the energy of Sedona and build memories in this beautiful place.

Because let’s face it: Sedona is a WAY more exciting place to work on your biz than in your home office or local coffee shop, right?

It’s pure alchemy: blending business, law and luxury adventures into an incredible experience that you’ll always remember.



And the best part? All the details are taken care of for you…so you can just show up and enjoy it!

Choose from 2 weekends:

Mar 10-12
Mar 24-26

Rest assured, this retreat isn’t the kind of trip that’s planned from a travel site.

It’s curated especially for YOU based on what YOU want, what YOUR business needs are, and what YOU’D like to experience in Sedona.


Learn more and sign up here (but hurry! The deadline is February 15, 2023.)

I can’t wait to welcome you to Sedona in March!

If this Sedona Retreat is speaking to you, you’ll want to hop into this Sedona immersion now! Sign up here.