Want a done-with-you option to get disclaimers in place? Here’s how.

by | Jan 21, 2021 | Website Disclaimer

When it comes to website disclaimers, it always surprises me when people put 2 lines at the bottom of their website and think that they’re legally covered.

They get an “A” for effort because they’re trying to put legal language on their website.

But, I’m guessing they just don’t know that 2 sentences isn’t enough language.

A Website Disclaimer should be longer – MUCH longer – to protect you from risks. (2 sentences just can’t cover it all!)

I always say that “your website is the heart and soul of your brand”.

Don’t leave yourself legally naked and vulnerable.

You want strong, thorough disclaimer language on your website.

I have a NEW way for you to get your website (and social media!) disclaimers done in REAL TIME so you can cross them off of your to-do list.

And you can get them done with me virtually by your side. (What what?!)

Check out the NEW Legal Love™ Mini Course: Disclaimers for your website and social media.



This Mini Course is for coaches, entrepreneurs & practitioners to get the right disclaimer language for your social media and website.

It’s short and sweet –  just 2 weeks! 

February 1 – 10, 2021.

It’s designed to hold space for you to complete your Website Disclaimer and Mini-Disclaimer for social media in 2 live 90-minute workshops.

You can ask questions and fill out your DIY Legal Templates IN REAL TIME.

You’ll walk away feeling more safe, secure, and confident as an online biz owner.

Get more details and sign up here!

So who is this course really for?

It’s perfect for you if:

•  you’re just starting out or have no disclaimers on your website or social media…

•  you’re a coach, healer, practitioner and are worried people will think you’re giving medical or psychological advice…

•  you don’t want people to misinterpret your website and come after you…

•  you like the idea of DIY legal documents but you’re afraid of completing legal documents on your own…

•  you know that you need some kind of disclaimer, but don’t know exactly what you need…

•  you’ve copied legal language or use a generic disclaimer, but you worry it has big holes leaving you vulnerable…


Ready to get your disclaimers (with me virtually by your side) and check them off of your to-do list?

Join the Mini Course here. 

And oh! By the way, remember that if you went to an attorney for legal documents they can often run $800-1200 EACH. (Not joking.) I always want you to save money. In this Mini Course you get legal docs at a bundled rate – plus done-with-you workshops and extra bonuses and support like a legal checklist, resources vault and signed book.

Get your website and social media disclaimers right here.

I can’t wait to support you in this new & loving way!

Sign up for the Mini Course now and know that you are giving your biz lots of Legal Love™ in 2021 – and mark your calendar to start on February 1st!