Want to come to Sedona with me?

by | Nov 28, 2022 | VIP Retreat in Sedona

You may know how much I love love love Sedona. Scott and I are heading there for the whole winter (I can’t believe it either!), and I realized that I wanted to create a way to share the experience with you.

How? Well, I’m soooooooo excited – because here’s how you can join me to soak in the red rocks and the healing magic for yourself, [first name].

If you’ve always wanted to go to Sedona (or want to go back!)…

You’re invited to a 2-day private experience in March 2023 combining business, law, life & luxury adventures in a drop-dead gorgeous location.



Who’s it for?

This private VIP weekend retreat is for you if you are a licensed practitioner, coach, spiritual healer, or a heart-centered business owner and:
you’re at any stage of your business and you want to uplevel FASTER and with PERSONALIZED support

  • you want to take a deep-dive into your biz in a beautiful place
  • you want to get legally covered – with Legal Love™
  • you want a weekend away (but it’s a legitimate business expense!)
  • you want a holistic approach to law and business
  • you feel the red rocks of Sedona calling you!



Why Sedona?

Sedona has magical healing energy – and it’s beautiful. You may be aware of the many energy vortexes found throughout Sedona. The energy feels balanced and healing. It feels calm and nurturing there.

Plus the vibrant colors of the red rocks and the dark green evergreens against the bright blue sky – and the pink sunsets! – at the same time feel neuro-stimulating, yet deeply relaxing.

I visited Sedona when I was in law school, but I REALLY fell in love with Sedona when my husband Scott and I spent 3 days there on the way from Colorado to Utah in July 2021. We both loved waking up every day feeling supported by the red rocks, soaking in the sunshine, and hiking the mountains for miles at a time.

So once we got home…we booked another trip back to Sedona right away!

We rented a house in West Sedona for the ENTIRE month of November 2021.

Guess what happened? We loved it so much… that we did it AGAIN!

We rented another airBnB, this time for 5 WEEKS in March-April 2022 and soaked in every.single.moment there.

Well, not surprisingly… we’re headed back again! We’re spending ALL Winter (yes, 4 months!) renting a house near Thunder Mountain, one of our favorite places to hike in Sedona.

We know Sedona sooo well now, having been there so often – from the best restaurants, spas, and hiking trails to the best memory-making excursions and life-changing experiences.

Rest assured, this retreat isn’t the kind of trip that’s planned from a travel site.

It’s curated especially for YOU based on what YOU want, what YOUR business needs are, and what YOU’D like to experience in Sedona.

It’s holistic.
It’s private.
It’s a VIP experience – combining business, law, life, and luxury adventures.


When is it?

Choose from 4 weekends in March 2023:

March 3-5
March 10-12
March 17-19
March 24-26

Your VIP experience starts at 1:00pm Friday and ends at 1:00pm Sunday. (Arizona local time)

What’s included?

  • 2 nights at The Arabella Sedona to rest your head at an independent boutique hotel.
  • Healthy meals to nourish yourself with clean, healthy food.
  • Business & legal power sessions – two deep dive 3-hour sessions to map out your biz growth step-by-step and do a Legal Audit of your business.
  • 2 private Power Hours with me – before and after the retreat to support your momentum and progress – with Legal Love™.
  • 4 DIY Legal Documents hand-selected for you based on your Legal Audit.
  • 2 soul-filling adventure excursions (my favorite part). Choose from:
    • Hiking to an energy vortex
    • Pink Jeep tour of the red rocks
    • Himalayan salt room bath
    • Native American heritage site tour
    • Early-morning hot air balloon ride
    • Sound healing session
    • Personalized aura reading
    • Horseback riding in the desert

    (So hard to pick just two, right? I agree!)

  • Meditation / Energy Clearing / Chakra Balance – to reset your nervous system, remove blocks and release trapped emotions holding you back.
  • VIP welcome bag – my favorite treats and gifts to support you, your business and your self-care.



Learn more about the retreat and choose your weekend here.

It’s first come, first serve, so pick the date that works for you and come experience Sedona with me.

I can’t wait to welcome you to Sedona so you can feel its healing energy for yourself!!