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by | Jan 25, 2023 | Legal Clarity Course for Doctors & Licensed Medical Practitioners

For the past 10 years, I’ve worked with countless doctors, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, physical therapists, massage therapists, pharmacists, the list goes on and on…

Hundreds actually.

I continually hear that they’re tired of their grueling schedules. Tired of carrying such a heavy patient load and doing it over and over again.

They want to expand their practice. They want to do virtual telemedicine. They want to get out of the daily grind. They want to make it all feel LIGHTER and EASIER…but they know there are legal restrictions around the can and can’t do.

They just don’t know exactly what those restrictions are – but they know they could get in trouble if they slip up.

Here are 4 things licensed practitioners are doing wrong when they want to reach across state lines in the online space:

1. Listening to their colleagues say, “Just do it and don’t worry about the legal ramifications!”

If hearing this makes your palms sweat, it should. I always tell licensed practitioners that they need to get super-clear about what they are and aren’t allowed to do legally. Each persons’ situation varies as each license, state law, and business isn’t the same.

2. Spending a ton of time talking to their state board and walking away with no answers.

Practitioners tell me they’ve picked up the phone and called their state boards to ask for clarification and they get the run-around and don’t get a clear response.

Either that, or they’re told to talk with an attorney because the state board can’t give out “legal advice.” (The state board is actually right about that last point though – they can’t give out legal advice.)

3. Researching the law themselves, but they’re not really sure of all of the legal issues involved.

There’s no faster way to get frustrated and overwhelmed than trying to research the law yourself. You can search online for HOURS and read pages and pages of laws. Even though you’re a smart person, there’s a good chance you may not be interpreting them correctly.

It’s really no different than me as a lawyer trying to read medical research studies. I understand some of what the studies say, but not all of it as I’m not a medical practitioner. It wouldn’t be wise for me to rely on what I THINK it says. I should talk with a medical expert, right?

Same for you. If law is not your specialty, don’t try to figure out the law yourself.

4. Consulting a local attorney who tells you, “No, you can’t do anything at all outside of your state.”

Most attorneys don’t understand online businesses or functional medicine or health coaching. Even conventional health care attorneys don’t typically understand what an “online course” is with “modules” and “group calls”. It’s just not their language.

They know how to protect your license by giving you a firm “No” and saying “don’t even try to expand your practice online.”

But, most don’t understand the difference between medicine and coaching – or have even heard of the profession of health coaching.

I used to work with licensed practitioners when I worked at a big law firm so I understand the legal issues that licensed practitioners face.

AND I’m also a life coach and health coach myself, so I know how things work in the online space.

If you’ve been making these mistakes or you feel stuck or confused, you’re not alone. Give yourself grace. It’s not easy to find these answers everywhere.

What I want for you is to expand your practice SAFELY. I want you to understand the clear boundaries that exist in the law. (It’s not as “gray” or scary as you think!)

I want you to be able to reach more people and bring in more income without putting your license at risk.

To help you with these hurdles, I’m re-opening my deep dive legal course to give you the legal info you need to expand your reach online in a safe way.



And I’ve made it super-easy for you!

Here’s how:

1. Enroll in the course and watch the 3-hour workshop replay, section by section on your own time.

2. As you watch the replay, you can fill out the Build Your Practice Workbook to

a. Understand the Legal Risk Scale™ (this is how you stay safe!)
b. Create your Profitable Business Profile with your new offers

3. Connect with me for 2 1-Hour private Power Hours to get all your legal questions answered.

4. Join in on the live Legal Q&A Call every month for 6 months to keep up your momentum and have a “lawyer on demand”.

5. Select a DIY Legal Starter Kit (it’s included!) so you’ll have the right legal documents for your first venture.

6. Watch the 7 DIY Legal Master Classes to deepen your understanding of how to safely expand your reach.

Learn more about the Legal Clarity Course specifically for Doctors and Licensed Medical Practitioners and enroll here.

But hurry! The first Live Legal Q&A call is February 8!

I wish there were quick & easy answers for you. There’s not. (Law is kind of like medicine that way.)

But this course provides the information you need to know.

If the “legal stuff” has felt scary or you haven’t felt “ready” yet…deep down, part of you knows that being exposed is holding you back.

Don’t shortcut this. Take the right legal steps so you can feel safe, secure and confident in the online space.

Learn how to expand your business safely. Enroll now and join me for our first call on February 8.

Here’s to getting legally covered – the smart way!