Want to have a business-expensed vacation in Sedona?

by | May 29, 2023 | VIP Retreat in Sedona

I hope you are enjoying a relaxing Memorial Day!

Now that my husband Scott and I have moved to Sedona full time, I was sitting on my beautiful back porch the other day, admiring the view, and thinking,

“I live in a top-rated vacation destination spot in the country!”

It’s true.

Visitors come to Sedona from all over the world. They come to:

✅ admire the beauty of the sun on the red rocks against the bright blue sky.

✅ feel the healing energy come up through their body as they hike near the energy vortexes.

✅ experience fun adventures they don’t do at home, like horseback riding, ATVing, and hot air ballooning (is that a word?😂).

✅ leisurely browse the crystal shops and steep themselves in spiritual healing practices.

✅ taste Southwestern food like spicy cactus fries, jun-kombucha, and prickly pear margaritas.

✅ relax by the pool at the resort or read a book under a big sun umbrella (things they never have time for!)

✅ marvel at the funny-looking javelinas (they’re like wild pigs), the colorful lizards scooting across the rocks, and the peachy-red Arizona cardinals, all of which are plentiful here.

They come for it all.

Now that I’ve hosted several 1-on-1 luxury retreats here in Sedona, my clients can feel the magic of this area too – just like I do.

Every day, I feel grateful to live and work in such a beautiful place and they tell me over and over again that they can understand why.

I’ve found that I really love hosting 1-on-1 retreats here to share the specialness of this place, and I’m opening up more spots for the Fall!

And oh! One of the best parts of the Sedona Retreat is that you get to have a mini-vacation, but also get solid work done to move your business needle forward.

Like everything I do, it’s an “and”… we play AND we work (sometimes in that order!)

Just think about how it’s a tax-deductible (yes!!) 1-on-1 legal-biz retreat + desert adventure + spiritual experience adding up to one amazing work-and-play vacation! 

Whether it’s sipping refreshing cold drinks and eating delicious food at amazing restaurants such as Mariposa like my client Kathy Fletcher and I did (those are our hands & drinks below!)…



Or enjoying incredible views and ultra comfy beds at The Wilde Resort & Spa where you can bring your person and have a queen room to share…



Or savoring 2 fun-filled excursions that you choose (like a guided hike to an energy vortex, horseback riding, a jeep tour of the red rocks, a Himalayan salt bath, a visit to a sacred wolf sanctuary and more!)…



… and ALSO receiving 6 hours of business and legal power sessions with me!



The holistic 1-on-1 Sedona Retreat is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you don’t want to miss. 

If you’ve been wanting to carve out some time to work on your biz, get legal help AND get away from it all (cue Calgon..)…

Join me in Sedona for a VIP 1-on-1 Retreat to get legally clear in your business and to create lifelong memories with your person (or just yourself!).

Choose your Retreat weekend from these dates in September, October or November and sign up here.

But don’t wait! Plan it now because the Summer gets busy and Fall Retreat bookings are already starting to come in.

The red rocks and I can’t wait to welcome you.

Here’s to joining me in Sedona… so you can come for it all!