Want to save money on taxes? Read on.

by | Oct 3, 2022 | DIY Legal Master Classes

I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t want to save money on taxes.

And often, when clients come to me for legal questions, they also ask me about how to set up their finances properly.

That’s why I created an all new DIY Legal Master Class on “How to Save Money on Taxes & Set Up Your Business Correctly” – it’s available today!



What is it?

In this do-from-anywhere DIY Legal Master Class, you’ll learn:

  • 8 clear action steps to take right now to save on taxes and create a strong financial foundation for your business.
  • What counts as a “legitimate business expense” and how you can save money on taxes (this is key!!).
  • How to get the right bank accounts, pay yourself and properly record your income and expenses.
  • How and when to bring an accountant onto your team.

Who’s it for?

Any coach, entrepreneur, practitioner or solo business owner wants answers to any of these questions:

1. What kind of bank account do I need?
2. How do I pay myself?
3. What’s the best way to record my income?
4. What counts as a “legitimate” business expense? (a checklist is included!)
5. How can I save money on taxes?
6. When should I hire an accountant?
7. How do I find a good accountant?
8. How can I prepare for retirement?

Why do you need it?

On the practical side, if you’re not organized or in integrity with your finances:

  • your business profits will be less.
  • you won’t take all the tax deductions you’re entitled to take.
  • you’ll pay more than you need to in taxes (yikes!).
  • you maybe won’t save enough to even pay your taxes.

Energetically, I align getting financially organized with the solar plexus chakra because when you get in alignment with your money, you:

  • operate with confidence and clarity.
  • stand a little taller.
  • raise your energy frequency.
  • show up in your biz with a higher vibe.

And if you feel the nudge to get an accountant but haven’t yet, this Master Class will tell you where to find an accountant and what to be sure to ask them about their services.

Ready to save more money and get financially organized?

Learn more about taxes and finances in the new DIY Legal Master Class here.

Questions about taxes or getting your finances set up in general? Feel free to reach out. We’re always happy to help.

Here’s to getting legally covered – and to saving money on your taxes!