have a website

(or are launching one soon)

and want to have your website content reviewed?

Want to make sure you’re not saying something risky on your website?

If you know you’re holding yourself back from sharing your website because you’re worried it might say something wrong, this audit is for you!

the Website Audit
can give you peace of mind that you’re using
safe language and reducing risk.

It’s a 60-minute paid consultation.

Just you and me…and your website. 

Your questions answered.

During the Website Audit, we can:

Heart BulletWalk through your website page by page to identify what language might be risky
– and what to say instead

Heart BulletAnswer questions about your specific concerns

  • Walk through your website page by page to identify what language might be risky – and what to say instead
  • Answer questions about your specific concerns

It’s your choice as to what parts of your website we cover in our hour together.

the goal of the audit is for you
to feel safe, secure, confident and empowered
to launch your website without worry or stress.

Just a few things to note…

We can review any of your website content during your session, but not outside of our hour together, due to the time involved.

My expertise as a former health care attorney and trained as a health coach myself is to spot language which is risky, especially medical language.

If you’re so close to launching your website (or you’ve had it for a while), and you’re scared you’ll say or do things that could get you in trouble…

The Website Audit will ease your mind so you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you’re using safe language on your website.

your investment:

 one payment of $597

three payments of $207

“Lisa is a lawyer who knows all the weird laws for health coaches and online businesses.”

I’m from Ohio and the laws for giving any type of nutrition advice are SUPER strict here.

Both of my parents are Lawyers and they referred me to a Lawyer that was well known to make sure I had everything covered. I knew after I met him he had no idea what a health coach was or ANY of the documents I needed to protect myself.

Thank goodness I found Lisa, who is a Lawyer and a Life Coach to help me out. Her legal templates are amazing because you can do it on your own time. It’s the best investment I’ve made in my business because now I feel safe.

Beth Krumbelin

Holistic Nutritionist

“Lisa really makes GETTING LEGAL fun & easy.”

Seriously, an Attorney + Holistic Life coach combination? For me, new learning curves can be a bit frightening when feeling unsure about the legal side of things. I felt so comfortable knowing Lisa helps holistic entrepreneurs protect and grow their businesses! What a breath of fresh air.

Irene Meiller, LMT

Massage Therapy Teacher