What legal documents do I need on my website?

by | Jun 10, 2019 | Privacy Policy, Website Disclaimer, Website Protection, Website Terms & Conditions

I’ve been sprucing up my website lately – one page at a time. It’s a looooong process to make my website feel infused with my present energy, update photos, and make tweaks so it always “feels” like me. I’ve updated the Home page, added “search” feature to the Podcast page, and added more of my fave books, biz tools and self-care indulgences to the Resources pages.  

What a perfect segue into this week’s podcast episode…all about WEBSITES!

Entrepreneurs, coaches, licensed practitioners and holistic healers ask me all the time:

“What legal documents do I need on my website?”

Here’s the scoop: There are 3 key legal documents that you want on your website. In this podcast episode, I’m sharing the high points about each one so you know what they are, why you need them, and how they protect you, your website, and your website visitors.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What a Website Disclaimer is and why it’s your base layer of protection
  • How the Website Terms & Conditions lets visitors know what they can and can’t do with your content
  • Why it’s important to protect our website with crystal-clear language that sets your boundaries so there’s no ambiguity about how people can use your content
  • How a Privacy Policy protects the confidentiality of your website visitors
  • When and why you are legally required to include a Privacy Policy
  • Why I align the Website Disclaimer with the root chakra and the Website Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy with the heart chakra

When you put your website documents up on your site, you protect your content, honor your website visitors’ privacy, and support the heart and soul of your business where people go to find out all about you – your website!  

Here’s to getting legally covered on your website!