What state nutrition laws mean for you

by | Jul 27, 2020 | DIY Legal Master Classes

Last week I shared information about how the Florida nutrition law recently changed from a “red state” to a “green state.”

If you are a health coach or holistic practitioner (whether in Florida or not!) you may be wondering, 

What IS a red state or a green state? What’s MY state’s nutrition law? What can I legally do in my state? 

As Oprah would say, the answers to these questions are “writer-downers”.

Since I’m all about Legal Love™, it’s my mission to educate about how to reduce your legal risk.

Knowing your state laws reduces your risk of being investigated by the state, getting fined or being shut down. 

I’m not trying to be overly-dramatic… like the camera close-up of Becca on the couch when Arie was breaking up with her on The Bachelor a few years ago.

Dozens of health coaches have been investigated in several states over the past few years. It’s heartbreaking, but it can be avoided.

Knowing on the front end what you can – and can’t – do in your state, the safer you can be and the less you can get in trouble.

To understand your state laws, I’ve created an on-demand DIY Legal Master Class called “State Nutrition Law Basics for Health Coaches”.



Learn more about the Master Class HERE. (And check out the new COVID-friendly price of just $97!)

In under 1 hour, you’ll learn:

  • 4 reasons why it’s important to understand your state laws

  • 3 types of state laws relevant to you
  • What “red,” “yellow” and “green” states are and what to do
  • How to find out what your state nutrition laws say

I also answer FAQs like:

  • Where do I find out what my state laws say?

  • If my business is registered in a “red state”, do I need to move to a “green state”?
  • Why didn’t my health coaching school teach me about state laws?
  • What happens if the law changes in the future?

This DIY Legal Master Class is an easy way to learn more about your nutrition laws outside of having a personal consultation with an attorney in your state.

Learn more and take advantage of this DIY Legal Master Class HERE.

Here’s to learning the basics and feeling safe, secure, confident and empowered about your state nutrition laws as a health coach!