Why Trademarking is the crown jewel of your business

by | Jun 27, 2022 | Trademark & Copyright

At least twice a week a client asks me about Trademarking.

“Should I trademark my program name?” “When is the best time to Trademark? Should I do it now or should I wait?” “What’s all involved with the Trademark process?”  These types of questions…

I believe that Trademark protection is about owning your power and wearing the crown.

Trademarking is one of the highest legal rights that can be given to you as a business leader to protect your unique, creative work.

There are 3 practical reasons to Trademark your program name, business name, tagline, or logo:

  1. To have legal protection to fall back on if someone copies your brand.
  2. To create an asset for your business that may be worth a lot of money.
  3. To protect your brand value (and, specifically, the integrity of your brand).

Energetically, I like to call obtaining a Trademark a “crown jewel” for your brand.

Trademarking is such a high-frequency right that I align it with your crown chakra which correlates to your highest potential. 

As I wrote in my book Easy Legal Steps starting on page 237… (If you own my book, hop over and take a peek at that section…) 

The crown chakra is called Sahaswara in Sanskrit, which translates to the “thousand petal” lotus flower, meaning that through the crown chakra we open to enlightenment and spiritual connection like the petals of a lotus flower open to the beauty that surrounds it. 

The crown chakra is represented by the color purple and is connected to your highest potential, wisdom, divinity, awareness, connection, freedom, and a calm state of being.



Trademarks can help you wear the crown of your business at your highest potential by owning the intellectual property rights to your tagline, logo, business or program name. 

There will be moments – or days – when you doubt your leadership and value because you simply haven’t seen enough proof of your success yet. 

With time, you find your own voice – and with it, the courage to be viewed as a leader in your own right. You’ll develop your own unique program name, tagline or biz name, and you’ll likely want to Trademark it and obtain those crowning rights.

Right now, keep moving in that direction. 

Here’s a Crown Chakra Mantra to help set your intention for when you are seeking more leadership and power to wear the crown in your life or business:

I am connected. I am aware. I am present, I am wise. 

Every day you are getting closer and closer to the life and business you most want, business step by business step, and legal step by legal step.

Here’s to moving towards your crowning achievement!

If you think you have something to Trademark, we put together this 1-Hour Legal Master Class called “How Do I Get Started with Trademarking?” You can check out the details here.