Wondering if an LLC or S-Corp is right for you? Start here.

by | May 24, 2021 | DIY Legal Master Classes, LLC & S-Corp

Just last week I had a 1-Hour Power Hour with a wonderful client named Sandra (not her real name, of course!) who is a health coach and energy healer.

She scheduled a Power Hour because she had talked with her accountant who had encouraged her to start thinking about creating an S-Corp.

During the Power Hour she asked me a ton of questions:

  • “My accountant told me to form an S-Corp but I don’t even know what that is.”
  • “How do I know if I’m ready for an LLC or S-Corp?”
  • “How do I know which one is the best step for me right now?”
  • “Can an LLC or S-Corp save me money?”

During our call, I helped her get clarity about each of these questions. It dawned on me that if she has these questions, you may have them also.

So I created a new DIY Legal Master Class called “How Do I Know if I Need an LLC or S-Corp?”



At this very moment, if you don’t have an LLC or S-Corp in place and you are a small business owner, you are known as a Sole Proprietor.

This means that you’re open for business, but you don’t have a formal legal business entity in place like an LLC or S-Corp.

The good thing about being a Sole Proprietor is that it’s a super simple business structure but what you may not know is that there’s a downside too.

As a Sole Proprietor, the downside is that you and your business are treated by the law and the government as if you are one and the same which means that you’re personally liable if anything goes wrong in your business. (Yikes!)

So there comes a time when it’s right to form a corporate entity like an LLC or S-Corp to legally protect your income and your assets.

This DIY Legal Master Class walks you through how to know when it’s the right time to form an LLC or S-Corp – and which one is right for you.

It’s a quick way to self-assess whether an LLC or S-Corp is right for you so you can make a smart choice about how to protect your assets.

Learn more about the DIY Legal Master Class and purchase it HERE. (It’s a 1 hour class so it’s quick and to the point – and just $97.)

At the end of the class, you’ll have clarity about which entity is right for you – and feel more confident and empowered as a business owner.

Questions about the new Legal Master Class or LLCs or S-Corps in general? Feel free to comment below or email us at clientlove@lisafraley.com. We’re always happy to help.

Here’s to understanding LLCs and S-Corps and knowing when it’s time to protect your assets!