Worried about saying something “risky” on your sales page?

by | Feb 27, 2023 | Legal Consultation

Creating a new course and want to be sure you’re using “safe” language on your sales page?

You’re not alone. Clients come to me scared of saying something “risky” on social media or their website or in the content for their new program. They…

  • don’t want to draw attention to themselves or say something too “out there.”
  • hold themselves back from pressing “publish” and actually earning income. (Did you catch that? They’re holding themselves back from income!)
  • worry about saying something that could get them in trouble – like making a “medical claim” or talking about “trauma” or other medical conditions.

We’ve created a service to help your nervous system relax by knowing your sales page, marketing or course content is “safe.”

(It took us forever – but it’s here!)

Introducing the Online Course Review!



What is it?

The Online Course Review is a 60-minute paid consultation with just you and me,…and your course content.

During the Online Course Review, we can:

  • review your sales page
  • walk through your course outline/content, module by module
  • identify what language might be risky – and what to say instead
  • review your social media ads
  • answer questions about your specific concerns

It’s your choice as to what content we cover in the Online Course Review.

Know that we can watch videos, listen to audios, or review text DURING your session, but not outside of our hour together.

Why do you need it?

The goal of the Online Course Review is for you to feel safe, secure, confident and empowered to launch your course without worry or stress.

Writing a sales page now? Drafting scripts for your course videos? Creating PDFs for your clients? Now would be a good time for an Online Course Review.

Learn more here.

Here’s to confidently launching your next online course or program and pressing “publish” on your sales page without worry!

If you have an existing course but you think it needs a set of legal eyes on it, the Online Course Review is good for “old” courses too…especially if you’re going to re-record them or edit the language in them soon! Find out more here.