You CAN see clients anywhere when you are a licensed practitioner – here’s how.

by | Jan 23, 2023 | Legal Clarity Course for Doctors & Licensed Medical Practitioners

I talk with at least 6 licensed medical practitioners every week who want to expand in the online space…but they’re TERRIFIED.

Like Linh (name changed for confidentiality, natch!). Linh is a nurse practitioner who has a unique approach to helping women through the menopause years.

Her patients have gotten such great results that she started to post about her work on social media.

When people nationwide started sliding into her DMs, her palms started to sweat as she wondered how she could do work with them safely.

Some of her colleagues who were taking their medical practices online said, “Just do it and don’t worry about the legal ramifications!”

Linh wondered how other nurse practitioners were doing it, but keeping things safe on the legal front at the same time.

She had already spent a ton of time talking to her state board and researching the law herself. She had also consulted with 2 local lawyers – only to feel even more frustrated because they either told her “No! you can’t do anything at all outside of your state” or they didn’t understand what she was trying to do.

She was trying to get answers to things like:

  • How do I keep my license safe?
  • Can I create an online program to help people nationwide or do I need to get licensed in every state?
  • How can I avoid being accused of practicing medicine without a license?
  • How does malpractice insurance work?
  • Would HIPAA apply to me for this online course?
  • What legal documents do I need and how can I set everything up properly?

The more she thought about taking her practice virtually, the more panicked she felt. She didn’t want to do something wrong. She didn’t want to threaten her license in any way.

I told Linh she’d come to the right place because I have 10 years of experience working with practitioners and coaches in the online space.

I understand the legal issues and risks that licensed practitioners face. Everyone wants more flexibility in how they work these days, but they want everything to be legally SAFE.

I told Linh I’m excited because I’ve re-opening my course for licensed medical practitioners to address these very issues.



I told Linh that this course is a fast-track to deep dive into the legal info she needs to easily reach and help more people.

She was excited because she knew it would be a one-stop-shop for the answers she needed.

Are you a licensed medical practitioner like Linh who wants to work with more people – but not take unnecessary risks?

Check out the new & improved course details and learn more here.

Linh was beyond thrilled to know she didn’t need to be terrified anymore.

She felt relieved knowing that she can now get answers that so many other attorneys just don’t have.

If you’re looking for an “easy button” to understand what you can and can’t do in the online space…

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Here’s to knowing how to reduce your risk when you want to expand your reach as a licensed medical practitioner!