Your legal checklist for running an online group program

by | Sep 20, 2021 | Terms of Use

Running an online group program soon?

My clients tell me all the time that when they create a new course they worry that someone will swipe their course content, ask for a refund, or won’t make payments on time.

But, what are you to do?

If you’re offering a group program or course this Fall (you know, like with weekly modules, Zoom group calls, and maybe a Facebook group…)

Here’s a little Legal Checklist for you:

1. Be sure you have a clear refund policy.

Whether you give no refunds, partial refunds or a full refund (100% money back guarantee), you want it to be super-clear and in writing.

(If you have no idea what to say in your refund policy, this free guide will help you cover these 4 key elements that should be in EVERY refund policy.)

2. Have your purchasers agree to your Terms of Use.

If you’re enrolling clients through a sales page (they click a “buy now” button), make sure your purchasers agree to Terms of Use.

The gold standard is to use a checkbox in your shopping cart for your purchasers to “check the box” and agree to your sales terms – the Terms of Use.

These Terms of Use should include things like:

– Intellectual Property Protection – in case someone swipes your course content
– Disclaimers – so no one thinks you’re giving medical/mental health/legal advice
– Limitation of Liability – so you can, well, limit your liability and exposure
– Refund Policy – see #1 above
– And soooo much more.

Terms of Use put your sales policies in writing and give you a strong legal backing for your online group programs.

Learn what exactly should be included in your Terms of Use by listening to the previously-aired Legally Enlightened Podcast Episode 22 on my website HERE or on iTunes HERE. (It’s super-quick – just 20 minutes!)

3. Remember that Clarity equals Peace of Mind.

Terms of Use are so important because as you share your work farther and wider in a 1-to-many format, they create clarity for you AND your purchasers up front.

By spelling out your course policies and disclaimers in writing, it gives both of you relief and causes fewer Legal Pickles™ and headaches later.

Legal Love™ Tip: CLARITY in your Terms of Use equals PEACE OF MIND.


The bottom line is this…

Spell it out now so you don’t have to fight it out later.

Need Terms of Use for your upcoming launch? Or need to update the version you created yourself or copied from who-knows-where on the internet?

Get your DIY Terms of Use for your group program here.

Here’s to feeling more safe, secure, confident and empowered when offering your new group program!

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