Are you a coach or entrepreneur who needs legal templates or help?


I love TAKING CARE OF entrepreneurs and coaches.

Seriously, I do.

I make legal protections for your business CLEAR and EASY for you.
With DIY templates and luxe one-on-one services.

I am here to help you get your legal ducks in a row™.
So you don’t have to worry or stress – or figure it out on your own.

Don’t worry! You can get legally covered™ with ease and grace.
(And we won’t muck up your brand with cold legalese.)

When you take the right legal steps, you feel SAFE and SECURE.
And when you protect your ass-ets (wink, wink), your soul benefits too.

I am a Legal Coach®.

What the heck is a Legal Coach®?
I am an Attorney + Holistic Health and Life Coach.

Let’s just say that I am not your typical Attorney.
That’s the most important part. I am a Coach too.

I get what you do.
Because I am an entrepreneur too.

I help you protect yourself, your business, and your brand.
One step at a time, as you grow in your biz.
And I do it with Legal Love™.

Avoid legal problems – and raise your frequency too.

My style, you’ll see, is different from most.
I am a smart, snappy lawyer with a bit “woo-woo”.

I’m a Holistic Lawyer™ so I take a holistic view of your business.
Giving you practical solutions that support your energy too.

To safeguard your work – and up your business vibe.
To draw you up to the next vision of you.

There are 7 steps to get legally covered that most entrepreneurs need.

chakra image


You need the RIGHT steps in the RIGHT order for YOU.
You may need them all – or just 1 or 2.
Strong legal protections can protect you from harm.
Each step aligns with a chakra – because the law is spiritual too.



1. Have a website now – or launching one soon?

Learn how to avoid confusion and lawsuits HERE.

root chakra



2. Work one-on-one with clients?

Learn how to ensure you get paid HERE.

sacral chakra



3. Are you a solo entrepreneur?

Learn how to save on taxes + insurance HERE.

solar plexus chakra




4. Have juicy content on your website?

Learn how to keep people from stealing it HERE.

heart chakra




5. Do you sell programs and products online?

Learn how to protect your copyrighted materials HERE.

throat chakra




6. Are you ready to “go pro” with an LLC or S-Corp?

Learn how to limit liability and protect assets HERE.

third eye chakra



7. Do have a biz name or tagline to protect?

Learn how to trademark your brand HERE.

crown chakra



Need something else – or not sure where to begin?

Need something else – or have no clue what you need?
Book a FREE 20-minute Legal Chat to get pointed in the right direction.I’ll try to help if I can – or refer you to another lawyer if needed.

It’s time to feel SAFE, SECURE and EMPOWERED.

Get legally covered so you can bare your heart and soul to the world.

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With Legal Love™,

Lisa Fraley

Lisa Fraley, JD, CHHC, AADP

Legal Coach® & Attorney for Entrepreneurs
Lisa Fraley Legal Coach LLC

Please note that the information on this website is not to be construed as legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship. Communication between us through this website is protected by my Privacy Policy, not attorney-client privilege.  Always have a local attorney review any legal template or document you use to ensure it complies with your state and local laws.  Lisa is a licensed attorney in the state of Ohio.