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by | Apr 28, 2023 | Business-Building Resources

I hear constantly from friends and fellow functional medicine practitioners/health coaches that things could be…ahem… better.

As a practitioner, you may be asking yourself things like:

  • Am I spending/using my time in the best possible way?
  • Am I using the best lab tests available?
  • If I’m licensed, do I need to renew my medical license?
  • Can I provide value if I’m not seeing people in person?
  • Am I spending too much time on things that don’t really matter?
  • Am I missing critical marketing opportunities?
  • How can I scale my biz and still have a personal life?

I hear you, and so does my friend and colleague, naturopathic doctor, entrepreneur, and business mentor, Michelle Rogers.

Michelle has spent years focusing on growing and scaling her business and now helps others do the same thing.

She’s worked hard (and wisely!) to help practitioners create sustainable practices (without exhausting themselves) and break free from outdated and not-so-fun biz practices.

Michelle is hosting her 2nd incredible live event on May 19 – 20 for health and wellness practitioners everywhere called the “Build Your Online Practice Summit”… and you’re invited!



Reserve your free spot here.

Michelle has invited eight experts (including me!) to help you better understand how to:

  • Make her business model work for you (it’s already working for many other successful practitioners!)
  • Better incorporate and optimize your lab testing options
  • Kickstart your digital marketing strategy
  • Banish self-limiting beliefs – and finally get to where you’ve wanted to be
  • Leverage the best possible technology for your practice
  • Grow and scale while maintaining your freedom
  • Know how to do all of this legally safely (that’s what I’m teaching!)

Michelle has seen these strategies at play and knows they can work for you. You are no exception.

Register for Build Your Online Practice here..

Get the resources to address the pain points in your business so you have more time to do the things you love.

Michelle’s got great energy, really helpful information and worth checking out. I adore her!

Here’s to changing your practice (and your life) to give you more time and freedom. Who doesn’t want more of that?

This event is LIVE – you’ll have direct access to each expert to get your questions answered in real time (including your legal questions for me!!) Register here..

Like a good lawyer, I need to let you know that should Michelle invite you to one of her paid products or programs as a result of this summit, that I may earn a referral fee. But know that I wouldn’t recommend Michelle or her work if I didn’t truly believe in her. #promise.