Podcast Episode 66

episode 66: why you can’t take others’ reactions personally(or you’ll stay small) One of the biggest areas that holds entrepreneurs back is that we’ll make someone not like us. For heart-centered biz owners it can feel difficult to share a new...

Podcast Episode 71

episode 71: Karen Kenney on transforming your story to your glory Karen Kenney is a spiritual mentor, writer, and storyteller who shares about how to get out of your own way and go from feeling victimized in life to feeling empowered. Having overcome great adversity...

Podcast Episode 67

episode 67: Lloyd Burnett on how to interrupt patterns of lack & struggle Soulful business coach Lloyd Burnett shares tips on how to move away from a “Mother Teresa” mindset of underpricing your services or giving them away for free. Lloyd is known for going deep...

Podcast Episode 63

episode 63: Luisa Zhou on 3 tips to reverse-engineer your next launch I’ve invited business coach Luisa Zhou, powerhouse business coach (with a surprising background!), to share her best tips on how to maximize your income with your next launch. In this episode,...

Lisa Fraley, JD

Holistic Lawyer®, Legal Coach®, Speaker & Author

Lisa Fraley Legal Coach LLC


Lisa Fraley, JD

Holistic Lawyer®, Legal Coach®, Speaker & Author

Lisa Fraley Legal Coach LLC lisafraley.com

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