❓What would your money say to you…

by | Apr 22, 2024 | Business-Building Resources

I want to ask you something. To be honest, it might make you uncomfortable.

You might feel queasy, anxious, scared, or even nauseous.

But these would be totally normal reactions. 😅

Sounds strange… but if your money were a person, what would it be like?

What would it look like?
What would it feel?
How would YOU feel in its presence?
What would its energy feel like?

Would it feel calming, like being with someone you’ve known for years?
Or would it feel like a dramatic hurricane that takes over the room?
Or would it feel like something else?

Now, think about what your money would say to you if it were a person.

Would it be saying things to you like:

💔 “Stop avoiding me!”
💔 “Why do you feel so overwhelmed?”
💔 “Why are you sacrificing what you love for me?”
💔 “You should feel bad that we’re in so much debt!”

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