❓Why you can’t use one contract for everything…

by | Mar 22, 2024 | DIY Legal Master Classes

I hear over and over again from coaches who are working with clients:

“I’ve edited my 1-on-1 client contract so I can use it for my group programs.”

“I’ve cut and pasted parts of my friend’s contract for my mastermind.”

“I’ve used AI to modify my 1-on-1 contract for my online evergreen program.”

I have to tell them (lovingly, of course!), that all of these things are scary and to NOT do them! 😱

In fact, they are making BIG mistakes.

It’s just how law works. Contracts are not one-size-fits-all. What works for one person may not work for your situation…even if you think it will.

Did you know….

❌ You CAN’T use one contract for everything. You need different legal language for different client programs and offers.

❌ You CAN’T copy and paste parts of other people’s contracts. You have no idea what parts were drafted by a lawyer, which parts they edited, or where their gaps lie.

❌ You CAN’T rely on something like AI to give you legal advice. You may not know but AI can be flat-out wrong and not reliable for legal advice (at least not yet!)

But don’t worry. There IS a way to get legally covered with ease.

⭐There is a way to know where you are making mistakes – and what to do instead.

⭐ There is a way to know what legal documents you need for every client situation.

⭐ There IS a way to get the right contracts you need without breaking the bank.

In honor of the 7th anniversary of my book, Easy Legal Steps…That Are Also Good For Your Soul, I’m hosting a free Mini-Class series to share the Legal Love with you! 🎉

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What do I need for working with clients?

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What do I need for working with clients?
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