💸 Relaxed Money is OPEN! (Bonuses inside!)

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I’m so excited today!

You know how I’ve been sharing Kate Northrup’s Wide Receiver workshop?

My mind is honestly BLOWN away by Kate’s approach to money because she combines nervous system regulation with financial smarts. It’s a double-whammie!

🙌 Today, Kate is opening the doors to her signature program – Relaxed Money.

Relaxed Money 

Relaxed Money is a 13-part live, online program (with an incredible community) to help you relax around money so you can become a magnet for abundance.

Inside, you’ll

👛 upgrade your money mindset

👛 create new emotional blueprints around money

👛 heal your nervous system in relation to receiving and expanding

👛 put practical financial systems in place

👛 and SO much more.

👉Take a peek & learn more about Relaxed Money here. 

AND – If you join Relaxed Money through my affiliate link, I have a BIG gift for you to support your income.

You’ll also get your choice of a Legal Starter Kit!

Yep! I’m giving you a $1297 value to help you shore up your legal boundaries – no matter how you work with clients – and protect your income, disclaim your liability, and feel safe, secure, confident and empowered to RECEIVE MORE in your biz!

You can choose from:

🌟Legal Starter Kit 1 – for working with 1-on-1 clients

🌟Legal Starter Kit 2 – for group online programs

🌟Legal Starter Kit 3 – for small groups/masterminds

🌟Legal Starter Kit 4 – for medical practices (licensed medical practitioners only!)

You can also receive Kate’s Fast Action Bonuses if you sign up TODAY by 11:59pm EST:

▶️ An entire year of monthly group Relaxed Money coaching with Kate (!!) + a private online community, open 24/7 (Valued at $6,000)

▶️ Monthly live nervous system healing sessions with resident somatic expert Sarah Tacy (Value: $2,400)

Learn more and enroll in Relaxed Money here.

I’m so excited for you to heal your relationship with money and start taking leaps and bounds towards a more relaxed approach to your finances.

Sign up for Relaxed Money here and get one of my Legal Starter Kits for free (we’ll help you know which one to choose!) to protect & secure your money – no matter what you are offering! And if you already have one of our Starter Kits, we’ll give you 4 DIY legal templates of your choice instead.

Please know that I’ll earn a commission for any purchases you make through my link—but know that I wouldn’t recommend Kate or her offerings if I didn’t truly believe in her work. Promise!