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Cautionary tale from my client Talia, a MD in Ohio who has a thriving in-person medical practice.

Despite her success, Talia was growing increasingly frustrated with standard five-minute patient appointments.⏱️She was tired of prescribing medications and working with people with serious medical conditions.

She wanted to help people BEFORE they got sick.

Driven by her passion to make a difference, Talia dreamed of getting out of medicine and taking a holistic approach. She wanted to address the root causes of medical issues and help prevent disease using diet and lifestyle modifications.

Talia had watched a few colleagues dip their toe into Functional Nutrition Coaching. She thought that would be the perfect next step for her, too.

Talia enrolled in a Functional Nutrition Coaching program.

She threw herself into the course, but when she reached Module 2, she was hit with a shocking revelation…

Ohio’s strict nutrition laws required that anyone offering one-on-one nutrition assessments or consulting be a Registered Dietitian (RD) or a licensed medical practitioner with nutrition in their scope of practice.

Talia didn’t want to continue being a doctor. She wanted to be a coach who helped clients with nutrition.

In her frustration, Talia reached out to me, hoping for a solution.

I had to break the hard truth to her….There was no way around Ohio’s tough nutrition law.

She couldn’t be a Functional Nutrition Coach in Ohio. She either had to become a RD or remain a doctor working with patients.

And now it was too late to get her money back from the coaching program she signed up for. The refund period had expired.

It was a tough pill to swallow, but it was the reality.

If only she had come to me first.

I hear from clients like Talia every day.

✖️ They don’t know the law before choosing a coaching program.
✖️ They don’t realize that nutrition laws in some states are super-strict.
✖️ They don’t know that the program they choose really matters that much. (It does!)

There are sooooo many high-quality coach training programs.

It can be hard to know which one is right for you based on your goals and where you’re located.

That’s why I’ve compiled a comprehensive resource for you:
✅ Lisa’s List of Recommended Coaching Schools!✅


🎁This is my gift to you to help you:

❤️ Start your research for a health coaching, functional nutrition coaching or life coaching school based on your passion.

❤️ Understand the time and cost involved with each coaching school.

❤️ Get clear about the title you’ll earn and accreditation offered.

This guide will help you avoid legal pitfalls and help you select the right coaching school for you.

👉🏼Download Lisa’s List of Recommended Coaching Schools HERE.

Remember, be sure you understand the law of your state BEFORE you sign up for a coaching school.

I’m not just saying that to be overly-protective.

Learn from Talia’s mistake.

Questions about your state laws or how to keep yourself legally safe as you look at coaching schools?

➡️ Book a free 20-Minute Legal Chat with our team here.

We’ll help you get clear. We’re here to support you along the way!

Here’s to wanting to get trained as a coach AND stay legally safe! 🎉