3 reasons not to guarantee results

by | Sep 10, 2018 | Client Agreement, Podcasts

If you’re like most everyone in the online space, you want your clients to get excellent results when working with you.

No matter what you do, you want ALL of your clients to get the results they seek, feel happy and inspired, give you raving testimonials, and recommend you to all of their family and friends.

That’s understandable.

Yet, even if you may WANT the best for your clients, you don’t want to GUARANTEE specific results for your clients.

That’s right. Making guarantees as to the results your clients will receive when working with you gets dicey.

How come? There are several reasons – but one of the main reasons is because you CAN’T guarantee their results even if you wanted to.

Guaranteeing results is a dangerous game to play.

You may feel differently, but personally, I’d recommend not doing it.

This may come as a relief to you because it can feel like a LOT of self-imposed pressure to have to “get results” for your clients, right?

Your high-achieving self will feel like you let someone down or let yourself down if your client doesn’t “fit into their skinny jeans by Friday”. But, who on this planet even can even guarantee that they can fit ONE LEG into those high waisted, just-out-of-the-dryer, skin tight jeans? Seriously! I know I can’t!

If you’re curious about how to free yourself from feeling burdened with “getting results” for your clients, today’s episode is for you.

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In this 20-minute episode, you’ll get clear about:

  • Why you shouldn’t guarantee results for your client
  • Why you’re not ever responsible for your clients’ results
  • The difference between providing support and getting results
  • How you can protect yourself with a “No Guarantees” clause in your Client Agreement
  • Why I align boundaries and Client Agreements with the sacral chakra

Be sure to grab your Tip Sheet for this episode HERE – no need to take notes!

Here’s to freeing yourself from “getting results” for your clients!

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