3 reasons why you should leave the legal writing to the professionals

by | Oct 4, 2021 | DIY Legal Templates

My team and I hear from so many amazing biz owners who just want to do the right thing on the legal front.
They know they need something in writing for their clients to sign.

They know that they want to set expectations for their programs, protect their income, and make their scope of work clear.

They also know that they need all of this in place yesterday.

So what do they do in a pinch? They write their own legal documents.

And, believe me, I understand being in a time crunch!

But here’s the thing. Just like trying to:

  • Cut your own hair…when you’re not a hair stylist
  • Fix your leaky faucet…when you’re not a plumber
  • Do your own gel manicure…when you’re not a salon tech

You want to leave certain tasks to the professionals.

  • You can end up with crooked bangs.
  • You can end up with a flooded kitchen.
  • You can end up with blotchy nails.

The homemade version of any of these things (even if you’re talented!) may not cut it. They can break, give out or be flimsy.

They can make you look like you did in 2nd grade when you took your school scissors to the front of your hair and cut half of your bangs off.

Half of what you need is missing.

The same is true when it comes to legal documents.

Legal Love™ Tip: Leave the legal writing to the professionals.

Here are 3 reasons why you want an attorney (who understands what you do!) to draft your legal docs:

1. To use the right legal language.

If you’ve written your own contract from scratch or cut and pasted the wrong language from the internet, you could be exposed.

You may be using a chopped up, piecemeal document that you don’t even know is piecemeal… or that doesn’t even apply to you.

Case in point: One of my health coach clients came to me to edit the document she randomly bought over the internet…but she didn’t know it was for a CONSTRUCTION company and totally wrong for her business.)

Using the wrong document can be worse than not having a legal document at all.

Instead of refund-proofing your work and spelling everything out from the get-go, you’ve grabbed your school scissors and cut half of your legal bangs off.

2. To be legit.

Unbeknownst to you, if you’ve copied a document (or even parts!) from a friend or off the internet, you’re actually taking (some might say “stealing”) work that someone else paid for.

You might be violating copyright rights. You might be using a document without proper permission. You might be stealing others’ work without even knowing it.

Don’t put yourself – or them – in an awkward position to call you out on it.

Give your business and your integrity the gift of investing in professionally-drafted legal documents – and purchase your legal documents legitimately.

3. To raise your professionalism.

The bottom line: Having a piecemeal or homemade contract just isn’t high-vibe.

It may be clunky or hard to understand, or have holes in it the size of Swiss cheese – which can lead to misunderstandings down the road between you and your clients.

The energy of your business shows up in your legal documents. Infuse your highest, best vibe into your legal work the same way that you do in your programs.

Having a clear, complete and professional legal doc (filled with Legal Love™!) can set the stage for a beautiful working relationship – one filled with clarity, understanding and confidence.

Here’s to doing what YOU do best, and leaving the legal writing to the professionals.

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