5 Ways to Show Up as a Leader In Your Business

by | Jul 6, 2017 | Business-Building Resources

I hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July!

From serving on non-profit boards for years to becoming president of the Junior League of Portland, I’ve learned a thing or two about being a leader and motivating people.

I also know that being a leader – in life or business – can be vulnerable and SCARY.

The first time I stood at the podium on stage in a room full of 300 Junior League women looking up at me, I was introducing another board member. I couldn’t get her last name out of my mouth. I kept jumbling it. It was totally awkward. I decided to diffuse the tension by poking fun at myself so I leaned in close to the microphone and said… “Hairball!” Everyone laughed and my discomfort and nerves vanished instantly.

Yep, leadership can be a bumpy ride, but it’s worth taking those risks of embarrassing yourself at the mike. It doesn’t have to take a huge effort to step up as a leader. You don’t have to be president of an organization. Small, simple steps matter.

Here are 5 Ways to Show Up as a Leader In Your Business:

  1. Join or host a group. You can build a community of thought leaders and support entrepreneurs as we all grow our businesses. (On a personal note, I’m honored to have been selected for the Forbes Coaches Council – yes, THAT Forbes!)
  2. Speak on stage. If you like to reach many people at once, speak on stage. (I’m excited to speak at 3 live events coming up this summer – Jonathan Fields’ Camp GLP, Tracy Matthews’ Flourish & Thrive Live and Carolin Soldo’s from Passion to Profits Live. See details below.)
  3. Write articles. Submit guest blog posts to online news outlets to further expand your message, like to Huff Post, Elephant Journal, Mindbodygreen.com – and so many more! (I was just featured in Shining Mentor magazine, for example.)
  4. Use legal documents. Create clear policies to uplevel your professionalism and boost your credibility so your clients respect and value your services. (I couldn’t resist!)
  5. Be a beacon. Have the courage to unapologetically and authentically share your unique message in every.single.interaction. (It’s helped me to be sought out as a guest interviewee on approximately 3-4 interviews each week!)

How are you showing up as a leader today? What are you doing to stand up and stand out? I’d love to hear. Hit reply and let me know.

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Here’s to standing as a leader in your business!