7 gifts for your biz to save you time, money and energy in 2021

by | Dec 7, 2020 | Business-Building Resources

In between buying gifts for my hubby (like a new Dyson cordless lightweight vacuum cleaner – shhh! don’t tell him!), I’m also thinking about what gifts I can give myself AND my biz to get ready for the new year.

On the biz front, I wanted to share the BEST resources that my team and I use on a daily basis to help you upgrade your biz for 2021.

(If you have resources you love, feel free to hit reply and share them with me!)

Here are 7 gifts to give your biz that will save you time, money, energy – and, most importantly, your sanity in 2021!

They’re all super-easy, reasonably-priced, and user-friendly…which is why I love them.



1. Alternative Balance*- Good Professional Liability Insurance

Most everyone needs professional liability insurance for working with clients. Alternative Balance offers liability insurance & business tolls to heal coaches/nutrition consultants, life coaches, yoga teachers, fitness instructors, Ayurvedic practitioners, beauty consultants, bodyworkers and more.
Learn more about Alternative Balance* here. (To save $20 on select products, enter sponsor code ABS-NT-642).

2. Practice Better* – Excellent Client Management Platform for Health Coaches/Licensed Medical Providers

Practice Better is a one-stop shop for health coaches and licensed medical providers to manage your practice online. It combines health records, client notes, meal planning software, appointment scheduling, invoicing, and more in a HIPAA-compliant, secure, cloud-based location. It’s a simple way to manage your clients and practice – and it’s comprehensive, intuitive and affordable. (I know the owner, Nathalie Garcia, personally and she’s definitely created a way to practice better!)
Learn more about Practice Better* here.

3. Simplero*- Comprehensive Online Platform

Simplero combines email marketing, billing/invoicing, course spaces, affiliate program, and member database services all rolled into one. I switched to Simplero a few years ago from another service because it’s WAY more affordable and they have excellent customer service – and I loved that it was created by Calvin Corelli, a fellow B-Schooler (who also later became a client).
Learn more about Simplero* here.

4. ScheduleOnce – Easy Online Scheduler for Booking Calls/Appointments

If you’ve booked a Legal Chat or Prep Call with me, you’ve used Schedule Once (owned by OnceHub). ScheduleOnce sends reminders, converts time zones, allows call scheduling (for both you and your team) and offers customizable branding and text. And it connects to your Google calendar or iCal seamlessly.
Learn more about ScheduleOnce here.

5. Slack – Simple Team Communications/Messaging

Our team loves Slack! It was just announced it’s being acquired by Salesforce for billions of dollars – that’s how amazing it is! It’s a great place for team project discussions which are organized into channels by #hashtags. Information is searchable and always at your fingertips. The best part? It’s FREE.
Learn more about Slack here.

6. HauteStock* – Pretty Stock Photography

Dress up your brand with styled stock photography for women entrepreneurs. I love Haute Stock so much that not only do I use their stock photography for my blog, website and social media but I have also had them do a custom photo shoot just for my brand.
Learn more about HauteStock* here

7. Rev – Convenient App for Recording and Transcribing

A convenient app with a built-in audio recorder that you can use without worrying about quality or reliability. It’s a quick way to transcribe audio or video recordings to text. I love it for recording ideas on the fly that I later turn into enewsletters and DIY Legal Templates.
Learn more about Rev here.

If you want to get your biz ducks in a row for next year, give your biz some of these gifts. Use these resources to watch your free time &  income go up – and your biz stress go down.

Hope you’re getting into the holiday spirit….I’m sending you (and your biz!) big love and cheer!


In full disclosure (like a good lawyer!), I need to tell you that I’ll earn a referral fee if you choose to sign up through the affiliate links with the asterisks. Know that I wouldn’t recommend these products if I didn’t love them. They really have helped my team and me and I feel immense gratitude that I’m able to support these businesses.