A free Essential Oils Guide and what you need to know legally

by | Mar 15, 2021 | Business-Building Resources

You may love the healing powers of essential oils as much as I do and use them in your work with clients or on your family members.

I use essential oils daily (my faves are Young Living’s White Angelica and doTERRA’s  Elevation). I even have my hubby Scott using doTERRA’s InTune rollerball every day.

One of the most trusted leaders in my professional sphere, Jodi Cohen, has been working for decades on how essential oils help us live better.

You may know that essential oils get absorbed through our skin – and inhaled via our nasal passages and lungs – and can impact the parasympathetic system and the complex mechanisms that inspire sleep and focus.

Jodi has written a brand new book titled “Essential Oils to Boost the Brain & Heal the Body” to help you naturally turn on your body’s ability to heal.

With all of the stress we’ve been under for the past year, this is the perfect time to help our bodies heal with the power of plant medicine.Important: If you grab her book TODAY, Jodi is offering over $450 in book bonuses for all who purchase the book prior to the launch date of tomorrow March 16th! 

Purchase her book TODAY right here and then receive the bonuses – it’s the last day to get the bonuses so don’t wait! 

BTW, I’ve known Jodi for years. We met through mutual friends and then spent a weekend together at Dr. Keesha Ewers’ live event in Seattle several years ago. We spent an afternoon speed-walking around the neighborhood talking a mile a minute.

Jodi is whip-smart (Ivy League-educated) and has a heart of gold. Here are a few wonderful reviews of her new book:

Jodi Cohen shares her decades of research and findings from clinical practice to walk you through exactly how to use the right essential oils in those right places to get the results you want.

-Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof and author of 3 New York Times best selling books 

Jodi walks you through the science and most effective clinical strategies to help you use essential oils to support everything from anxiety and depression to autoimmune conditions and dementia.

-JJ Virgin, celebrity nutrition / fitness expert and author of 4 New York Times best selling books

Want to try before you buy?

Click here to get a free BONUS GIFT: 25 Powerful Strategies to Activate Your Parasympathetic Nervous System.

And, as an attorney who gets you, I always want you to not cross lines into making medical claims when you’re selling essential oils to clients.

It’s important that you stay safe by knowing what WORDS you can and can’t say, how much of YOUR OWN STORY you can share and where the LEGAL LINES are drawn.

For a refresher, listen to this previously aired Legally Enlightened Podcast Episode on iTunes here and on my website here to learn 4 legal tips to help you reduce your risk as you share and sell essential oils with clients.

Here’s to understanding and sharing the benefits of essential oils – and to Jodi’s new book! I’ve already ordered my copy and can’t wait to dive in.

In full disclosure (like a good lawyer!), I need to tell you that I’ll earn a referral fee if you choose to purchase Jodi’s book through my affiliate link. Know that I wouldn’t recommend Jodi if I didn’t fully believe in her tremendous knowledge of essential oils.