Add a little luxe to your biz and grow your clients, income & impact

by | Mar 2, 2020 | Business-Building Resources

Though I’m a lawyer, I can’t just stick to talking about law. 

After all, I take a holistic approach to protecting and honoring your work and biz.

I want you to feel good to take positive steps forward in your business from a legal AND energetic perspective…holistically from both angles…  because law and energy are intimately connected.

Whether you’ve been in corporate America or you’re a “go-getter” entrepreneur, you know the “push-push-push!” masculine mentality that permeates our society.

You might have:

  • Pushed to be at the office that extra hour early so it looks good for your boss. 
  • Pushed to look the part (navy suit, anyone?) so you seem professional.
  • Pushed yourself to take all the classes and trainings because you “don’t know enough” yet.
  • Pushed yourself to get more certifications to be taken more seriously.

I get it. I’ve done a lot of those things too.

The “masculine” way of striving, perfecting and pushing CAN be a good thing – don’t get me wrong – but here’s the thing….

After almost 8 years as a biz owner, I am more interested in leaning towards the “feminine” way of doing things:

  • EXPANDING my capacity to receive love, money and abundance everyday. 
  • Getting CLEAR on what I really want and being open to receiving it.
  • Leaning into what feels HIGH VIBE and light and easier to do.

I know it might sound surprising for me to say that, but you know what?

Along the way, I had to shift to expand how to receive… which allowed me to have more clients, income & impact.

It finally sunk in that there’s a time for pushing (in a good way!) but ALSO a time to learn how to RECEIVE more.

It’s not an “OR” – it’s an “AND”.

It’s about masculine AND feminine energy.
Yang AND yin.
The sun AND the moon.
The shadow AND the light.

(BTW, when I say “masculine” and “feminine”, know I’m not referring to gender/gender-identity in any way… I’m identifying complementary energies.)

You might be thinking: “I hear you… but, how exactly do you receive more?”

THIS is the convo I want to have with you this Wednesday in a free class on Zoom:



(it’s not your typical webinar) 

Mark your calendar and join me on Zoom on
Wednesday March 4
10 am PT / 1 pm ET

Register for the class here.

In this free online class we’ll be diving into:

  • How to expand your capacity to receive – everything from a regular massage to receiving more income.
  • How to bend time and bring results faster by taking conscious actions in your life and biz to support expansion. (I’ll share how I’ve done this and we’ll explore ways you can too.)
  • How to gift yourself with high vibe experiences and luxe indulgences to shift your energy and impact your results in a positive way.
  • How to feel safe and secure in a grounded (feminine) way so you can take measured (masculine) action with confidence and be legally protected.

Speaking of feeling safe and secure, I have decided that in the midst of the concern over the spread of the coronavirus and quarantines and travel restrictions in Italy to put the Experience Florence Retreat on hold for this summer. I don’t want to contribute to the panic around the virus, but I also don’t want you to travel to Italy to have fun at a Retreat and then get sick or be quarantined or unable to travel home. I value safety – especially of my clients! – so I’m erring on the side of being “safe not sorry”. I hope to hold the Retreat next summer instead.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on Zoom on Wednesday! I can’t wait to dive into talking about feeling a little bit lighter & brighter in legal, life & biz in this free class. See you soon!

Save your space for this important class here.