Amber Lilyestrom on how to reduce default payments from clients

by | Aug 27, 2018 | Podcasts, Refund Policy & Collections

Have you ever had a client suddenly stop paying you?

It can be terrifying and so easy to slip into panic and worry.

You e-mail them and wonder if you’ll ever hear back from them again.

You leave them a voicemail and wonder if they’re dodging you.

You wonder if that little red flag about working with them that came up in your discovery call that you shoved down because you could really use the income is now haunting you.

It’s normal to freak out when clients suddenly stop paying you. (BTW, you wouldn’t be normal as an entrepreneur or biz owner if you didn’t freak out.)

When clients stop paying, you worry you won’t be able to pay for your biz or have enough money for your house bills. Your stomach drops and you feel like you could throw up.

So what do you do?

I’ve invited Amber Lilyestrom to be a guest on the podcast to talk about this very topic.

During our conversation, Amber shared a story about when a client suddenly stopped paying her.

Amber explains what she did to keep her client in the energy of making payments rather than completely “ghosting” her forever.

I think you’ll find her story helpful – especially the part about how she found a way to stay in alignment as a coach (and show up with compassion rather than freak out) when her client missed a payment.

Listen to Amber’s advice about how she reduced missed payments from a client in Episode 28 on iTunes here.

(Don’t have iTunes? Listen through my website here.)


If you don’t know Amber, she’s a transformational branding strategist and business coach, philanthropist and lifestyle entrepreneur. She has been featured in Entrepreneur, Startupcamp and Working Mother magazine and is the host of the Amber Lilyestrom Show and Ignite Your Soul Summit live event.

She helps women entrepreneurs position themselves as sought after experts and thought leaders through social media, engagement marketing and the creation of a soul-connected online brand presence.

She’s helped thousands of women worldwide and built her multiple six-figure business as a full-time mamapreneur. She’s also one of my personal soul besties and Mastermind sister. She’s inspiring and engaging and I adore her.

If you want to know about one way to address clients when they go from thinking you’re the best coach/entrepreneur on the planet to flat-out ignoring your emails and pretending your messages are going to spam, then you’ll want to tune in.

Listen to the podcast episode with Amber Lilyestrom here.

Here’s to reducing missed payments from clients so you can relax knowing you’ll be able to pay your bills this month!