Attention Coaches! This may make me one of your favorite people

by | Jun 13, 2018 | Business-Building Resources

I’m thrilled to share the 4th Annual FREE Coaches’ Toolkit, curated by my friend Maria Saracen, that’s filled with all kinds of tools, trainings, and done-for-you resources to support your biz and make it SOAR!  

If you don’t know Maria, you should. I met Maria through our beautiful mutual friend Alysa Rushton. Maria’s a health coach turned business coach, but before that she was a bullet-dodging journalist in South Africa, a TY producer for PBS (for reals!), a  TV production company owner AND she was Emmy-nominated more than once! (Amazing!)

Maria’s the real deal. She likes to say that she “saves coaches and online entrepreneurs from drowning” when it comes to biz and technology – and she’s absolutely right!

Maria’s compiled a helpful Toolkit for you with essential things your biz needs like:

  • My FREE legal DIY Mini-Disclaimer that you can use on your program guides, social media sites, or video courses! ($97 value)
  • Free – and drool-worthy – styled stock photography by Haute Chocolate (who I actually hired for custom images for my own website!).
  • A done-for-you email nurture sequence kit with written-for-you emails, subject line swipes and nurture sequence planner
  • The exact steps to fill your programs without feeling salesy or “icky”
  • A done-for-you health coaching session so you can guide your clients to reduce stress and achieve their goals with more ease;

They’re all yours for the taking. Right now. 100% free. No strings attached. A gift from Maria to you.

Get ‘em all right now, right here. (But only through June 24th!)

If you can’t tell, Maria’s a high-vibe gal  – and so are the gifts she’s pulled together (over $2,000 worth!) Grab them while you can to help you in your biz!

Here’s to lots of free stuff for YOU and your business!