Over the past 8 months, I’ve been writing a book… and last week I became a #1 Best Selling Author on Amazon in just 24 hours!

Say what? YEP! It’s true!

The book is called “Easy Legal Steps…That are Also Good for Your Soul.”

It’s a legal guide for entrepreneurs and small business owners to help you go from stuck and scared of the law to confident and empowered.

It’s about 7 legal steps aligned with the 7 chakras that help you protect yourself, your biz and your brand.

And, it talks about 7 key chakra-aligned principles for successfully growing a business (like Clarity, Boundaries and Courage) that have helped me move through my own fears that I think might help you too.

You can now pre-order the Kindle version on Amazon for 99¢ HERE.

(By the way, if you’re someone who still likes to hold a physical book and see it on your bookshelf, don’t worry! I’ll be having a full-on official book launch this Spring when the book is published and ready to download on Kindle. And, if you buy the Kindle version now, you’ll still be able to get all of our Spring launch goodies and bonuses – just hang onto your Amazon receipt!)

Let me tell ya, writing this book has been quite a journey for me. It took me 2 years to find my courage – and even longer to sit down and write the freaking book.

You can see that it was a true “labor of love” for me because I spent:

    • Months writing countless pages of hand-scribbled notes, journals and post-it notes that captured my random thoughts for the book.

    • 6 months of bi-weekly private Zoom calls with my encouraging and caring Literary Coach Anjanette Fennell (I never could have done it without her!)
    • 1 dreamy writing retreat with the incomparably-talented Laura Belgray in Cinque Terre, Italy where we spent 3 days learning how to write more colorfully (while also eating chocolate mint gelato, of course).

    • 8 Saturdays cooped up at the computer with my mugs of David’s Tea and fuzzy socks frantically typing out 15-25 pages of text.
    • 2 rounds of editing with my Developmental Editor Anjanette Fennell and Copy Editor Sarah Barbour.
    • 1 Publish & Profit event in San Diego hosted by Mike Koenigs and Ed Rush learning how to become a best-selling author on Amazon. (Yes, I knew nothing about publishing a book on Amazon and went to a conference to learn. Money very well-spent!)

WHEW! Those are just the highlights…but guess what happened?

My book reached #1 best-seller status in 3 legal categories, including Corporate Law (!) through the Kindle pre-release alone.

I share these details with you not to boast about it (trust me, I am in as much shock as you may be!) but because I want you to know that if I can do it, YOU can do it too.

If you’ve ever wanted to write a book as part of your bucket list, let me encourage you to do it. Do whatever you need to do to bring that book to life.

Here’s the simple reason why:

  • You have a gift. (Actually, MANY gifts!)
  • You have something important to say – about your life, about your business, about the world.
  • So many of us are eagerly waiting to hear it.

I NEVER would have thought that I could really become a #1 Best Selling Author – and certainly not in such a short time. I doubted myself. I worried my book wouldn’t be well-received. I wondered who would even want to buy it.

I also learned that every author has these worries. It’s totally normal, but I didn’t let them stop me. (Hint: you shouldn’t either.) Have you been thinking of writing a book? Do you have a book topic in mind? Are you as petrified as I was?

I’d love to hear about your book and I’d love it if you wanted to share your experience with me below. Just know you aren’t alone in this book-writing journey – I’m here for you, cheering you on!

Here’s to writing books even when you’re scared, to becoming #1 Best Sellers on Amazon and to Kindle pre-sales!

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I Became a #1 Best Selling Author Last Week – Here’s How!

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